Coaching is an area of work that focuses on enhancing the psychological capabilities and skills that are present in all people.

Therefore, coaching is especially useful in psychological intervention in companies and organizations, as well as in working with athletes and people interested in directing their habits towards improving their results in some personal project.

In this article we will see a list of recommended coaches who work in Madrid , to know several options of experts in this discipline that it is possible to have in the capital of Spain.

The best coaches in Madrid

The professionals you will find listed below adapt to different types of needs: from performance improvement and efficiency at work, to emotion management in stressful situations or the processes of motivation and training of athletes. In each case, a brief description of the professional career of each coach is added.

1. Enrique Jurado

Enrique Jurado is founder and Director of D’Arte Human & Business School , one of the most important schools of coaching and personal development in Madrid.

After working for many years in large national and international companies (Kraft Foods, ONO,…), he went on to specialize in training professionals and coaching interventions in the organizational context. He is also the author of several books on coaching, personal development and emotional intelligence.

He is currently in charge of designing and promoting training programs for professionals in areas such as team dynamics, leadership, public speaking, motivation at work and other areas of vital importance in the company.

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2. Fernando Callejo

Fernando Callejo is a psychologist and coach , as well as CEO and co-founder of the psychology center UPAD Psicología y Coaching, located in the Madrid neighborhood of Argüelles.

This professional can be a very interesting option for cases of intervention in high performance sports and works in which creativity and constancy are very important, such as in the world of art.

Fernando Callejo, who, among other specialization degrees, has a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology (UAM), works so that people learn to be self-motivated and not to create artificial obstacles that make the objectives of a project more distant.

However, beyond these specific performance-related areas of work, this coach can also work for those who seek to further their personal development through daily work, and with effects that are sustained.

3. Fernando Huerta Moreno

Fernando Huerta carries out his professional work in three areas : as a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy, as a coach, and as a trainer. He is also Director of the Center for Psychotherapy, Coaching and Humane Training in Madrid, an entity he founded.

This specialist in the science of human behaviour has been working in the field of psychology since 1994 , and has provided assistance and advice to more than 1,500 people in the context of therapy, business and life coaching. He works from Applied Behavioral Analysis and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, which studies behavior and thinking patterns, as well as through the Real Applied Intelligence System, developed by him.

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4. Ana Isabel Rey

Ana Isabel Rey , whose practice is located in Calle de Francisco Silvela, is a graduate in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a certified Coach. This professional is specialized in vocational orientation, either when deciding on an academic or professional career. She uses the tools of Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology.

As an expert in coaching, Ana Isabel also provides psychological accompaniment services to learn how to manage anxiety in the face of professional or academic challenges, the most efficient time management methods, the improvement of communication skills, the improvement of study techniques, etc.

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5. Patricia Ramirez Loeffler

Patricia Ramírez is a sports and health psychologist , as well as a writer and lecturer. She is one of the most media-friendly figures in sports psychology in Spain, and her appearances on radio and television programmes are very frequent.

On the other hand, Patricia regularly organizes workshops and talks in which she teaches the basic principles of psychology applied to motivation, regulation of emotions, good management of healthy living habits, etc.

6. Daphne Catalonia

In addition to being the founder of the European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP), an entity that has several centres open both in Spain and abroad, Dafne Cataluña is a coach and psychotherapist specialised in positive psychology .

Daphne has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a diploma in Psychological Coaching from the UCM.

In the field of education, is Academic Director of IEPP Programs and Certifications and Coordinator and teacher of the University Expert Course in Positive Psychology.

7. Irene Gómez Santos

Irene Gomez is a psychologist and a certified coach by the International Association of Coaching and Psychology . Among her specialization titles we find the Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by the Official College of Psychologists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Master in Life and Business Coaching by AICP by the Asociación integrativa de Coaching y Psicología and the Master in Human Resources Management by the INFOREM training institute.

He is part of the team of professionals of psychological intervention of the psychology centre El Prado Psicólogos , which has several offices in the centre of Madrid.