The area of Palma de Mallorca is the most economically dynamic of the Balearic Islands, so it is normal that it has a wide range of specialized services.

In fact, those who are going through a marital crisis or living in unsatisfactory relationships can find in this city many options for psychological support and professional assistance in conflict resolution.

Throughout this article we will see a selection of the best couples therapy centers in Palma de Mallorca , for those who want to address problems such as jealousy, lack of communication, constant arguments, infidelity crises, etc.

The best couples therapy centres in Palma de Mallorca

These are different entities located in the area of Palma de Mallorca and they have psychologists with a lot of experience in couples therapy. In each case you will be able to see the basic information of these psychotherapy centres, such as the type of relational problems in which they intervene or the location of their facilities.

Atenea Mallorca Psychology Clinic

The team of professionals at Atenea Mallorca Clínica de Psicología , led by psychologist Judith Rodríguez Lorca, is one of the best options in terms of couples therapy in the area of Palma de Mallorca.

This psychology center founded in 2011 offers great flexibility in the type of needs it can address, and its facilities provide sex therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy (in addition to including psychiatric services).

Thus, in this place it is possible to treat both the sexual dysfunctions that often damage the dynamics of the relationship, as well as the problems related to the expression and regulation of emotions, the lack of coordination in coexistence, the boredom with the activities of the couple , the absence of communication, the lack of trust in the other, the crises due to infidelity, and many other problems.

On the other hand, as Atenea Mallorca Clínica de Psicología also attends to children, adolescents and families, it is also possible to intervene on problems that arise in the couple but affect the rest of the family, especially the most dependent.

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2. Susana Ivorra Psychology

Susana Ivorra is a General Health Psychologist, couple’s therapist and sexologist, and she attends her practice located in the Mercat district. She can offer professional support to couples and marriages in crisis who are going through problems of lack of communication, poor regulation of emotions, lack of communication, jealousy, doubts due to infidelity, and many other affectations of life together. We also mediate in separation and divorce processes.

You can find this professional’s consultation at Passatge Santa Catalina de Sena.

3. Psychology Mallorca

The psychologist Fermín Gallego Poveda is also a recommendable option for those who are looking for the best couples therapy centres. Here we work from cognitive-behavioral therapy, which aims to help people modify both their behavior and habits when relating to the environment and others, as well as their most deeply rooted beliefs and way of thinking, so that they can see reality with a more appropriate and constructive perspective and are able to change their situation for the better, without falling into defeatism or paralyzing uncertainty.

Beyond the couple, this professional also offers family mediation services, so that he can help even people in the process of divorce.
You will find his practice, Psychology Mallorca, in Camí de la Vileta, in the district of Son Cotoner.

4. Joan Miquel Gelabert Psychology

The psychologist Joan Miquel Gelabert Mir makes available to couples in crisis his more than 15 years of experience helping patients.

This professional has a degree in Psychology from the UIB and also has a Master’s degree in Behaviour Therapy from the UNED, as well as being a General Health Psychologist.
On the other hand, he carries out psychological interventions based on cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Currently, you can find his practice at the Quirón Palmaplanas Hospital, in the Camí dels Reis.

5. Alphaomega Psychology

Alfaomega Psychology is another of the most recommended therapy centers in the capital of the Balearic Islands. In addition, its team of psychologists offers, in addition to couple therapy, sex therapy and family therapy, forms of psychological assistance that often overlap in the type of needs they address, so that action can be taken in various areas to improve the relationship.

In addition, couples with children may be interested in the courses and workshops that Alfaomega Psychology organizes at its School of Parents.
You can find the Alfaomega Psicología therapy centre in Carrer de Niceto Alcalá Zamora, in the area of El Camp d’en Serralta.

6. Queen Psychologists

Reina Psicólogos has a team with extensive experience in the treatment of many complications that lead people to seek psychotherapeutic support. Furthermore, beyond the typical sessions at the psychology centre, they offer the possibility of carrying out therapy at home or online therapy, something very practical for those who due to time constraints or problems in travelling would not be able to go and visit them.

You will find its facilities in the Avinguda Gabriel Alomar, in the district of Foners.

7. Antonia Lozano Psychology

Psychologist Antonia Lozano specializes in Strategic Brief Therapy, a therapeutic approach that emphasizes intervening on problems as they are expressed in the present moment, taking into account everything that occurs in the context of patients in the here and now.

In couples therapy, this is very useful in aspects such as managing discussions, so that past conflicts do not predispose patients to constantly take a hostile attitude when exchanging reproaches about things that happened days, weeks or months ago.

His therapy center is located at Carrer Germans García Peñaranda.