Anxiety problems are among the most common reasons why people go to psychotherapy.

And it is not for less: the stress of the day to work, added to the necessity to face responsibilities, worries and fears, can take to us to suffer by anguish or by nerves of several ways: Disorder of Generalized Anxiety, disorder of panic, phobias, etc.

In this article we will focus on one of the most important Catalan cities, and we will see a selection of the best expert psychologists in anxiety in Badalona , together with brief descriptions of their professional careers as psychotherapists.

The best expert psychologists in anxiety in Badalona

In the following lines you will find several recommended options when looking for psychotherapy for anxiety in Badalona, along with specifications about the type of service they offer and how they work.

1. Sara Laso Lozano

Sara Laso Lozano is a health psychologist and Director of Badalona Psicòlegs , one of the reference psychotherapy centres in this city, located in Plaça Badalona.

As well as being a graduate in Psychology from the UOC, she has a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology (University of Girona) and a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (ISEP), among other specialist qualifications as a psychotherapist.

This professional works with tools such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or Mindfulness by offering psychotherapy for patients of all ages.

It can treat all kinds of anxiety related problems: social phobia, agoraphobia, GAD, panic disorder, selective mutism and separation stress, etc.

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2. Lisandra Quesada Martínez

Lisandra Quesada Martínez is part of the Espai Psicològic Badalona team (Carrer de Ponent, in the Can Claris district).

This psychologist has a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology (UAB), a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (European Foundation of Psychology) and training in therapeutic intervention in cases of trauma.

If you are looking for professional help and treatment for phobias, anxiety attacks, insomnia and psychological trauma , Lisandra can be very helpful in getting better.

3. Josep Mª Cañada Belmonte

Josep Mª Cañada Belmonte is co-Director of the Centre of Applied Psychology, since 1994. Due to his professional career and experience, he is one of the best psychologists for the treatment of anxiety disorders in Badalona.

This specialist in psychological intervention has a Master’s degree in Psychopedagogy, Clinical Psychology, and Sports Psychology (all from the Maslow Cattell Institute).

If you’re looking for a professional to help you learn relaxation and stress management techniques , this veteran psychologist may fit the bill. You’ll find him and his team of psychologists at Carrer de Frances Layret.

4. Mercè Soler Soriano

In Carrer dels Arbres we find CIM Centre de Psicologia, an organization directed by the psychologist Mercè Soler Soriano .

This professional has several Masters: in Speech Therapy (UVIC), in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (UAB), in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy (School of Management, Research and Clinical Institute) and in Paidopsychiatry (UAB), besides other specialized training programs.

In the treatment of anxiety problems, you can use a wide variety of therapeutic tools that include meditation, change in lifestyles, etc.

6. Patrícia Rodríguez Trujillo

Patrícia Rodríguez is part of Equilibri Psicòlegs , whose facilities are located in Carrer Francesc Layert. She has a degree in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy from the Universitat de Girona.

In this way, Patrícia Rodríguez Trujillo combines various techniques and strategies from different psychological perspectives to adapt to the specific problems of the patient , both in cases of anxiety problems and in others of an emotional, relational nature, etc.

On the other hand, this professional has training in Strategic Brief Therapy and couples therapy.

5. Joan Homs Peña

Joan Homs is a psychologist specializing in psychotherapy and Director and founder of Psicologia Homs, a psychological assistance center located in the center of Badalona (Plaça Plana).

This professional has a Degree in Psychology from the UOC and a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology (UOC), and may be of particular interest to those seeking psychological therapy for anxiety in Badalona, applied to children and adolescents.

7. Joan Vives Ribó

Joan Vives is a specialist in psychological intervention in one of the areas where there is most stress and anxiety: sports performance.

He has a degree in Psychology (UB), a Master’s degree in Strategic Therapy Center and a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology (UAB). He works at the High Performance Centre in Sant Cugat del Vallès, although he also works in Badalona.

How do I know if I have anxiety?

If you’re interested in knowing whether the way you’re experiencing anxiety is extreme enough to go to psychological therapy, you should know that there are several symptoms typical of this psychological and physiological phenomenon that, if they recur frequently over several weeks and cause you significant distress, are a sign that you would do well to contact psychologists who specialize in anxiety.

These symptoms are the following , although they don’t have to be all of them for you to have an anxiety problem:

  • Insomnia
  • Fear of socializing
  • Frequent Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Cold sweats
  • Irritability

If you want to know more about anxiety disorders, you can visit this article: “Types of Anxiety Disorders and Their Characteristics”