The object of study of psychology is mysterious and omnipresent.

The science of behavior can be used to learn and investigate about the most diverse topics: decision making, perception of reality, the origin of emotional states, etc. That is why, as the years go by, psychology is soaking up everything and each time it allows us to study and explain more things about the human being in general and ourselves in particular.

Of course, that means that people with a hunger for knowledge can use this information to make it easier to understand and predict human behavior to some degree… as long as they know how and where to look for those answers.

Psychology blogs for all tastes

Below you can find a total of seventy psychology blogs that may interest you if you like this type of content.

1. Psychology and Mind

You’re going to let us sweep home and quote Psychology and Mind first. Ours is one of the psychology blogs that offers the greatest variety in the subject matter of its contents and also one of the most visited in Spanish. In less than a year since it was created by three psychology students from Barcelona (Spain), it is already a leader in the dissemination of articles on psychology with more than 20 million monthly visitors and its Facebook page already has more than 1,000,000 followers .

Psychology and Mind is the proof that, although we often tend to associate psychology with mental health or strategies to face life with philosophy, this field of study and research is much more varied and has much to contribute to different disciplines and plots of science. Here you will find everything from recent research on consumer psychology to popular texts on psychological theories and behaviour models.

If you have Twitter and you are encouraged to follow @psicologico, you can also be in touch with the director of the website @bertrandregader, its head of content @atbiels and its director of communication @jgarciaallen.


Another great proposal is this somewhat more generalist portal, founded in 2018, where we can find materials on medicine, psychology and other scientific disciplines. In MedSalud they work on the popularization of science in a very rigorous way but also very accessible for readers who are not specialized in the subject.

You have time to join more than 500,000 monthly readers and enjoy all the information that this digital magazine offers you.

3. Nacho Coller

One of those psychology blogs in which the author talks about you to us , as if we were guests in his living room. The perfect place to find book recommendations, reflections on new trends in psychotherapy, social criticism and personal opinion on the most diverse topics, and all kinds of reflections concerning the different ways of perceiving the world and acting accordingly.

  • We invite you to read the interview we had the honor of publishing a few months ago: “Humor is therapeutic; it helps us to relativize”

4. In Mental Balance

The psychology centre En Equilibrio Mental , located in Madrid, has one of the most interesting psychology blogs. In it you can find informative articles designed for all kinds of people, many of which are written by the director of the center, Jesús Matos Larrinaga, who already has experience writing for a wide audience having published his book Good morning, happiness: How to overcome sadness and achieve emotional balance .

Don’t miss either the little video entries that Jesus Matos makes on the Facebook page of En Equilibrio Mental almost daily as a mini-podcast: “Café con Equilibrio”. These video sessions, which are direct video broadcasts from Monday to Thursday on this social network, focus on various topics related to the world of psychology and are of general interest.

5. Evolution and Neurosciences

In the world of psychology it is not all about talking about perception and mental representations as if these were abstract phenomena, something that happens independently of our flesh and nerves.

Evolution and Neurosciences provides interesting readings to know more about the machine that moves our ideas and emotions: the brain (and, by extension, our whole body). This is an old school blog, both because of its antiquity and its format, which nevertheless remains very active and up-to-date. On the internet, content is king, and without a doubt this website is not without its thread when it comes to keeping us up to date on how our psyche works.

6. Vitalise

In Vitaliza you will find a different blog that is intended for psychologists, therapists and people who require professional services .

Through his texts he helps psychologists to undertake and train themselves, since nowadays it is not enough to have studied Psychology and several Postgraduate courses to understand the need for quality psychotherapy. Through his texts you will learn many little known aspects about mental disorders and therapy.

7. Center of Psychology Santiago Cid

In the Blog of the Center of Psychology Santiago Cid you will find interesting articles on emotions, the functioning of decision making, social relations, anxiety management, the limits of reason… All the most interesting contents from the world of basic and applied psychology.

8. Social Skills

It is frequent in psychology blogs to talk about research and theoretical concepts that refer to the functioning of the human brain, as if it were a machine that works privately and individually. However, it is less frequent to find websites that focus especially on the practical sphere of social skills management .

That is why in the blog Social Skills you will find the ideal counterpoint to combine the knowledge of the human mind with some tricks and teachings related to Social Psychology and the management of our interactions with others.

9. Psychopedia

In a similar way to Psychology and Mind , Psychopedia is one of those psychology blogs in which it is possible to follow several authors who talk about everything a bit: management of emotions, curious research, disorders, and even works from pop culture that are related to psychology.

If you like variety and are looking for a blog that is updated frequently, this is a good option.

10. Rizaldos

The blog of Miguel Ángel Rizaldos contains many tips for everyday life from the point of view of psychology, as well as disseminating the results of various relevant research. Also includes information sheets about the online courses to which it is possible to subscribe from this website .

The texts of Rizaldos are written with an accessible and clear prose, so that the concepts that are spoken about can be easily understood , and the topics on which the articles focus are of general interest. If you are looking for psychology blogs in which someone with a lot of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology will inform you about the advances in this area, the website of this psychologist is a very good option.

  • By the way, in Psychology and Mind we interviewed the creator and administrator of this great website: “Rizaldos: “Empathy is crucial to be a good psychologist”

11. PsychoK

The blog of Karemi Rodríguez Batista . In it you can find a great diversity of contents : from videos and articles of popularization to scientific magazines of free access and guides of psychoeducation.

In addition, if you are starting to study psychology and you prefer to learn practical guidelines to apply to your daily life first, you can go directly to its section “Psychology in everyday life”.

12. Achilles Psychology

The blog of psychologist Naira León is created to know more about psychology and health in general, aimed at people who are looking for articles on personal growth, nutrition and well-being.

It also has a guide to manage anxiety and different reflections to improve the way we perceive ourselves. A blog aimed at both ordinary people and professionals.

13. Psychology and Marketing

A young but promising psychology blog , and especially interesting for its specific marketing oriented theme. marketers and lovers of new technologies will also find here updated content about new modes of persuasion, the latest digital platforms to reach the user and ways to improve brand image.

Highly recommended, whether you are an expert in this field or just interested in finding out how science also advances to make commercial products irresistible.

14. Psychodiffusion

In the blog of two psychologists from Malaga with a long career in the clinical field: Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías and Paula Borrego Ruiz . In this blog you will find a continuous flow of short and accessible articles about psychology, reflections about our way of perceiving and acting on reality, curious videos about psychological phenomena, etc.

Taste is in the variety, and if you are looking for contact with the world of behavioral sciences and positive psychology, looking at a good repertoire of content, this will seem like one of the best psychology blogs .

15. Psychology Corner

One of the best known psychology websites in Spanish is that of Jennifer Delgado , a psychologist who created this site in 2009. It explains in a very simple way some of the concepts and techniques that make up the daily life of the community of psychologists.

16. Psychothesa

In the “blog” section that you can find on the website of the psychologist María Teresa Vallejo Laso you will find a multitude of interesting texts about the most emotional aspects of the human mind.

17. News in Psychology

In Psychology Update you will find frequent updates on useful techniques and strategies based on basic psychological principles, as well as information on recent research.

18. + Psychology Please

In the line of Psico-K, here you will find contents related to psychology in multiple formats s: videos, texts, PDFs, images, etc.

19. Psy’n’thesis

This is the website in which Antonio Crego disseminates contents based on the latest findings in the different fields of psychology research. Very interesting.

20. Apsimad

In the blog of Apsimad you will find informative articles and opinion texts related to clinical psychology and emotional well-being.

21. Antoni Martínez Positive psychology

In this psychologist’s blog you will find resources to learn how to develop strategies to manage emotions and some reflections on positive psychology.

22. Living Psyche

Blog about scientific psychology with many resources about this field of study.


Technically, it is not a blog, but the website of the General Council of Psychology in Spain remains essential for information on the more institutional aspects of the field.

24. Patricia Ramirez

In the “blog” section of the website of Patricia Ramírez you will find texts and videos on sports psychology, self-improvement and related topics.


A website dedicated to the dissemination of texts on positive psychology, clinical psychology and some reflections.

26. Psychologist Barcelona

Account headed by Francisco Martínez , one of the most outstanding psychologists in the city of Barcelona. He updates us on psychology and health through his website PsicoRelacional .

27. Strategic Psychology

In the Strategic Psychology blog you will find articles that address mental health and psychotherapy. It is a website created by psychotherapists from Barcelona.

28. Depsychology

This psychology blog, besides having interesting content, has an interface that makes it very comfortable to use.

29. Open Chair of Psychology

Psychology and neuroscience blog coordinated by Dr. Juan Moisés de la Serna. Contains videos, interviews and articles.

30. Healthy Psychology & Wellness

The blog of the psychology centre Saludable has a lot of articles and multimedia content.

31. Sara Laso

The blog of Sara Laso focuses on the more practical side of psychology in its various ramifications.

32. Psychology Blog

A true library organized by thematic areas, all related to psychology and neurosciences, with a very encyclopedic style. Ideal to be always informed.

33. Logos Lighthouse

Articles on psychology and mental health, stories and evocative images.

34. Psychology and Pedagogy

The name is quite self-descriptive: texts and multimedia contents about education and its connection points with pedagogy and psychology.

35. Columbus

Columbus is an excellent blog about experimental psychology and behavior analysis. Psychology is claimed as a science in each of its articles.

36. Helena Matute

In the blog of Helena Matute you will find interesting articles on experimental psychology and neurosciences.

37. Autism ABA

Autism ABA is a blog specialized in autism and related social issues.

38. Science and Behavior

Articles on behavioral psychology and reflections on psychology as a science. Interesting.

39. Psychology in vein

The blog of José Antonio Marco Juan , a young graduate in Psychology who shares articles and reflections on the internet.

40. Dronte

The blog of psychologist Javier Giménez alternates texts about personal experiences and reflections with interesting popular articles about scientific psychology.

41. Today I want to talk about…

A psychology and neuropsychology blog with short, schematic articles, suitable for quick devouring. Pleasant and promising.

42. Psi Onlife

In the blog section of the clinical psychologist Marta de la Torre you will find articles and multimedia content on mental health.

43. Walter Riso

Website of the renowned psychologist and professor Walter Riso . He talks about mental health from the perspective provided by the Cognitive Therapy approach.

44. Pilar Sordo

In this web there is a compilation of the media interventions of Pilar Sordo , psychologist and writer.


On this website you will find various texts and articles related to Borderline Personality Disorder .

46. Scientific Community of Psychology

Here you will find articles on psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

47. Bernardo Stamateas

Web of the psychologist, clinical sexologist and lecturer Bernardo Stamateas . Here you can find some of his writings and videos in which he intervenes.

48. Latent Feature

One of those psychology blogs that, rather than relying on principles based on what may seem like common sense, focuses on more scientifically based research.

49. Psychoactive

This recommendable website founded by the psychologist Marta Guerri deals with a variety of topics, all related to scientific psychology and psychotherapy.

50. Behavioral

This interesting blog has long since ceased to be active, but you can still access all the articles that were published on it.

51. Data Psychology

A young but promising website about psychology based on quantitative analysis.

52. Psychology, my profession

On the website of the psychologist Rocío Medina you will find a lot of curiosities related to psychology and neurosciences.

53. BeBrain

A promising blog on neuroscience in which, in addition to reading news on the subject, you can consult information on the functioning of the nervous system.

54. Roberto Colom

Blog that deals with cognitive psychology and neurosciences through very complete and exhaustive articles.

55. The Galatea Effect

Although this blog is not updated very often, it has very interesting contents based on research on cognitive psychology and neurosciences.

56. Psychoteca Blog

Excellent popular science blog especially indicated for students who already have some knowledge about the topics that psychology deals with.

57. Psicorumbo

The blog of Psicorumbo is oriented towards positive psychology and personal development.

58. Psychosis

José Manuel Campo is a clinical psychologist and in Psicodosis he has built a website where you can learn how to apply some basic guidelines and indications used by psychologists in their day-to-day work as professionals.

59. Psychology and Consciousness

The website on the psychology of Church Virginia . Here you can read many articles on relationship management, especially within the family.

60. Miguel A. Vadillo

Very interesting blog, although it is not updated too often. In line with other websites that focus on content related to specific scientific research.

61. The empty smile

Blog specializing in Alzheimer’s disease and associated issues.

62. As we were saying yesterday…

Psychology, neurosciences and health sciences in this recommendable blog full of articles based on papers concrete and referenced scientists.

63. OtherPsychologist

Web of psychology and dissemination of information related to mental health and sexology.

64. The New Evolutionary Enlightenment

If you have the time and desire to learn, you will love this blog on evolutionary biology, psychology and, in general, behavioral and health sciences.

65. Carlos Postigo

In the blog of Carlos Postigo you will find a combination of dissemination and own reflections.

66. Neuroscience-Neuroculture

An approach to human behavior that draws from psychology, biology and even sociology. Francisco Traver does an excellent job of disseminating information.

67. El Prado Psychologists

The website of the center of clinical psychology El Prado Psychologists . It contains many guidelines and indications for everyday life.

68. Psiconet

The blog of the psychology centre Psiconet has many texts related to clinical psychology, all written in simple and informative language.

69. The Notebook of Oscar Hdez. Mañas

This blog was used for therapeutic purposes as a social-political one by its creator, who was affected by schizophrenia. In it there are reflections, poems and invitations to participate.

70. Self-Confident Orientation

A very complete blog dedicated to the world of psychology, therapy and self-discovery. It is directed by the prestigious psychologist Rosa Gutiérrez Guerrero.

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Have we forgotten any interesting blogs?

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If you think we should include your personal blog or another one you consult frequently, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we’ll have no problem adding it to the list (as long as it fits our criteria, of course). It doesn’t matter if you have many or few visits or the number of followers on social networks, it’s the content that matters.

In any case, it is time to start discovering these new websites dedicated to behavioural science.