Music is a feeling that embraces the global emotions of people , which is why it is so easy to identify with the songs of different artists and make them part of our own reality.

The melodies, lyrics, voice and rhythm that each song possesses remain engraved in our minds to repeat them over and over again when our mood does not cry out for them.

But have you ever wondered why music is so meaningful to people? The answer is very simple: because it has a stimulating effect on our brain, changing it completely. That’s why we can have mood swings, calm down and decrease stress when we listen to music. It can even help us concentrate on a task or be an ideal companion to exercise.

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Manolo García and his musical impact

Many of us have an ingrained musical style, that is, we prefer one genre of music over another. But sometimes we find artists who create art with their songs, mixing rhythms that seem to disagree with each other, but they find a way to make them work.

Such is the case of the great Manolo García , the Catalan singer-songwriter who is characterized by his rock style with flamenco influences that embrace the most poetic metaphorical lyrics that you cannot get out of your mind.

Manolo García is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a composer and an amateur painter, while his lyrics are characterized by a surrealistic and lyrical style, keeping his roots in Catalonia and offering a tribute to the Spanish language. We knew him in his early musical days as part of the groups Los Rápidos and Los Burros, until he took the courage to go solo and now he delights us with his successes.

Great phrases, verses and reflections by Manolo García

His lyrics also leave us with some iconic phrases from his songs and interviews, which we take as a reflection of our life. Get to know some of Manolo García’s best phrases .

1. And if life is a dream as some troubled sailor said, I prefer the trapeze to see it coming in motion

(I prefer the trapeze) We must always be encouraged to live life in all its facets.

2. There is no need to prove anything. To be a musician is not to be a sportsman, it is not to break any records

For Manolo García, music is an art that belongs to the world, not something to boast about.

3. I’m keeping a smiling look for you that doesn’t mean anything. I keep in my pocket the warmth of my skin in case you come

(An afternoon of sunshine) The hope of the return of someone loved.

4. I will walk… that the road is so wide that in a hundred lifetimes I will not spend it

(I will walk) Keep going in life and never stop.

5. I live in the absence of rogue desire

(I prefer the trapeze) Are you going to wait for that person or are you going to go get them?

6. I was born in Barcelona, I am Catalan from a Spanish family, and I see that we must respect the people who feel their homeland and their origins

It is important to maintain the humility of the place of origin in order to be grateful to the place where you are going.

7. We are fictitious people, urban castaways

(I prefer the trapeze) We are not eternal in this world.

8. Humbling is not the way

An important lesson about the negative impact of success.

9. When you are not there, the mornings are tinged with sad songs, they are like the light perfume that for a moment bathes you and marks you

(Time is never wasted) The departure of a loved one can embitter our routine.

10. I am like a foolish god who makes things up

Manolo Garcia describes himself as a unique inventor.

11. Time is never wasted just one more bend in our illusion, eager for affection

(Time is never wasted) Everything that is lived is a lesson learned.

12. When I’m working on the albums my face changes, I’m happy when the guitars sound, when I write something and sing it. That’s poetry

Can you see how he describes the happiness of doing what you love?

13. In case time drags me to deserted beaches, today I close the book of dead hours

(Mud birds) Never fail to take a chance, even if it didn’t work before.

14. I am serious about my work, about trying to do my best, but I don’t move the pieces in a dark way, I move them with a light

Professionalism has nothing to do with passing over others.

15. Break a little room of silence with me, lend me your suitcase of dreams tonight

(To San Fernando, a little while on foot and another on foot) Always share with people who make you happy.

16. On the maps I get lost, through its leaves I sail, now the wind blows, when the sea was far away long ago

(Mud birds) The best way to know is to experiment, so go around the world as much as you can.

17. I am not a Peter Pan man, I am a man of my age, but I like to play a lot, not to lose my smile

Keeping a piece of our childhood doesn’t make us childish, it keeps us alive.

18. The heat that you have given me, did not return at any time

(The shadow of a palm tree) Have you found the right person?

19. Either you give me a pulse, or we play a single. Rub with me until you polish me up

(To San Fernando, a little walk and a little walk) Tell the other person what you want from them.

20. I will retrace my steps, your steps father. I will retrace my steps, which will be your steps, mother

(On your steps) Do you carry your childhood home with you?

21. In my own way I have tried to make my life poetic. I do not resign myself to being a citizen who limits himself to living a modern life

Don’t be a copy of someone else, find your own way.

22. Your rejection was cold frost, with which you seasoned our civilized and exquisite end

(Gold leaf) Words can do a lot of damage

23. Longing for another time when I was honored by your presence, which was your sincere, disinterested and true friendship

(The shadow of a palm tree) There are times when we miss those people who meant a lot to us.

24. I no longer climb the hill that takes me to your house, my dog no longer sleeps next to your candle

(Mud birds) Life sometimes takes a while to settle after a breakup.

25. I like to go against the grain. I’ve never been happy to accept what I’m offered and sign up for the bombing. I’m going alone, but it doesn’t matter, I’m going with myself. I never fight with myself

Manolo Garcia talks about the importance of having confidence in ourselves.

26. You fill the days with rhyme and verse with your presence of tender hands, you fill the days with your presence that something amends me and never harms me

(With you I’d stay) Stay with someone who will color your routine.

27. He who lives in his own way needs neither world nor money

(I’ll walk) It’s not about anarchy, but about following what we like to do.

28. In today’s world everything tends to be small, and the wings of thought fly less. Words give more wings to ideas.

Words have a lot of meaning, so you have to treasure them and learn from them.

29. If I could be looking at your eyes now… I would be writing this song here

(Charcoal and dry branches) The muses are generally those that fill our souls with love.

30. A homeland is a friend of the soul, a person you love, a father with whom you have a very cohesive relationship

We must always be grateful and above all respect the place of origin.

31. That the dawn finds me always awake, that it reveals to me the hunger I have for you

(Like a soda jerk) Have you been keeping awake for a love?

32. All that has stayed with me forever: my grandfather, the night, the ditches, watering, the hoes

We are what we are, thanks to the people of our childhood.

33. Get away from the mirage of eternal love, you are only a literary fickleness. Neither to the pilgrim of the inn, nor to the thirsty for water, nor to the one who longs to know, do you show the truth

(With the blue men) There are bitter experiences that make us stop believing in love.

34. I dream of a better world, I have my ideas of how the world would be better: equity

If we all treated each other for who we are, instead of what we are or have, the world would be a better place.

35. I only wanted from you what you gave me when I asked for nothing

(What you gave me when I asked for nothing) When someone gives you the best of themselves it’s a true gift.

36. Even if I made less money I would still want to play

There are jobs that even if they are very well paid, they make us unhappy.

37. I am neither a song nor a dream anymore. You are no longer there, I no longer feel the paw of your silence

(To whom I have loved so much) When someone leaves, he can take a part of us with him.

38. Always up without thinking about the fall

(Bite the dust) It doesn’t matter that you fall, it matters that you get up.

39. It’s the play that’s important, not the author. The author: dandruff, cavities, halitosis, aerophagy… human. But the work is immortal, spiritual, it can reach someone

The works are a reflection of what we carry inside, an eternal expression.

40. I want to get away, get into the silence. I want to get away from this life that I live without conviction and go into the time of lights

(Rose of Alexandria) To renounce what affects us is brave.

41. I don’t get dizzy looking back because I don’t look back, I get excited looking forward

How many times have you been stuck in the past?

42. And if it rains we will go out into the rain… to empty the seedbed of smiles and wait for crops

(We’ll go out in the rain) Always do the right thing, because you’ll see the beneficial furts you reap.

43. I don’t have the stage disease, I like it, but I like so many things

It’s important to maintain humility no matter how high we’ve gone.

44. I don’t want to be your prison, ever. I’d rather be a stone wheel on a sand slope

(Shadow of your hat) A true relationship does not imprison, it helps you grow.

45. I don’t like being squeezed and I don’t squeeze anyone

Don’t do what you don’t like to be done.

46. You forced me to feel good in solitude. To dive to a strange depth that made me feel like an abyssal fish thousands of meters below the surface of a sea of tears

(Song of the lonely man who was reconciled with the world) Loneliness is never a good companion.

47. Because I know that faith is believing in some god even though they do not exist or exist even though that god sometimes does not believe in you

(We are lightness) Believing is not about forcing something, but knowing that you can do it.

48. I allow myself poetic license. I look for poetry everywhere, at all times

Seeking the beauty of the world is what inspires Manolo García.

49. Don’t try too hard, you see, I’m not perfect. Your contempt, your arrogance, have not allowed you to weld the flaws well

(Gold leaf) Sometimes other people seek to make us feel less and that should not be allowed.

50. Anything that can bring me emotion, dream, travel, interests me

Perhaps not everyone is moved by the simplicity of the world, but it is necessary to appreciate what moves us.

51. We all love so blindly sometime that we would try to kiss the mouth of the devil, comb the wind

(We all love desperately) An interesting reflection of how lost we become in love.

52. With your lips embrace me, masochist I am. But I never thought a gladiator to know

(Gladiator) It’s okay to feel vulnerable with someone special.

53. There are some central themes, some small obsessions: the passage of time is always there. I like life so much… it is the need to exist

Time is fleeting. What have you done to enjoy it?

54. As roads cross and then separate again, your life and mine cross; darts towards the target of our lottery

(For breathing) Some call it destiny, others the red thread. How do you tell the chance to find someone?

55. Knowing that you don’t love me and that you love someone else and not feeling defeated or alone. To forget what I have lived, to live what I have slept; I want it all

(I want it all) In a situation of uncertainty, it is always preferable to face the truth even if it is painful.

56. If I fight with myself, I could lose. Since I don’t want to lose, I don’t fight, I am comfortably settled in me

Love and self-confidence are powerful tools that make us invincible.

57. We all love desperately, while the angel erased from a prefabricated Eden is falling

(We all love desperately) Have you come to lose your mind for love?

58. If I think someone is repeating himself, I don’t tell him, I keep it to myself, I don’t want to hurt him

Although it is better to be honest, we must measure the words with which we express ourselves.

59. You arrived happily in a resol to that dump of shadows in which sometimes we are tied… you arrived in a light

(One year and another year) You always have to look on the bright side of everything.

60. I don’t force myself in a painful way. I look for ways forward

The main motivation for achieving a goal must be ours, so we must demand it of ourselves.

61. Perhaps someone else will like that inconsistency, the non-interference that is now your enjoyment

(A theatrical twist) A relationship that is not stable cannot be healthy in any way.

62. Sometimes days invite you to travel guided by the morning light

(Far from the river) Always find reasons to enjoy each morning.

63. And better not to wait, that life disappears in waiting, patient but never absent, that if I wait too long my train will go away

(I will walk) Waiting too long can only bring you missed opportunities that will not be repeated.

64. In a new situation you have to make use of resources that you don’t even know you have

Again, Manolo Garcia stresses the importance of trusting that we can achieve something.

65. I look for you in the perfume of passing women, in the silences that grow when they don’t speak

(An afternoon of sunshine) How much have you missed someone?

66. I do not copy or plagiarize; my self-esteem and my ethics prevent me from doing so, but from everything I have heard there are influences

No need to cheat to be successful

67. I keep an afternoon of sunshine just in case, that’s a treasure that no one can take away from me

(A sunny afternoon) Brightening up someone’s day with a little something is a beautiful thing.

68. In the meantime, help yourself to whatever you want, I want to redeem you. But, without frights

(Coal and dry branches) When we redeem ourselves, we must let the other person take the reins for a while.

69. And I have known that thou art not a goddess or a devil, but only a woman of flesh and blood. Not even a fallen angel, but the most beautiful in Eden

(I’ve been sitting around waiting) Nobody’s perfect and that’s just what’s attractive.

70. For me, being here is a new canvas. It’s the moment, there’s nothing else

Appreciate every moment because time does not return anymore.

See? Poetry and song can leave us with phrases that are tied in a special way to our lives. Manolo García is a great exponent of this task.