Psychological intervention in patients goes beyond sessions with individual patients; in fact, the bad dynamics in love relationships can also be treated in a group way, with more than one patient at a time.

Couple’s therapy is a reality, and it is a great help to treat problems such as distrust, crises due to infidelity, incompatibility in the way of living together, bad communication in a marriage, etc.

Next we will review the best clinics in Barcelona where couples therapy is offered , with their descriptions.

The best psychology clinics offering couples therapy in Barcelona

We review some of the most recommended psychology centres in the city of Barcelona.

1. Psychotools

One of the best clinics of psychology in which couples therapy is given in Barcelona is Psicotools, located in the district of Gràcia .

When treating couples in moments of crisis due to lack of communication or problems of trust, the team of psychologists of Psicotools uses only treatments tested and endorsed by the scientific community and are always aware of the latest advances in psychology.

In addition, the professionals working in this psychology centre are also familiar with third generation therapies, applicable to couple’s problems, thus ensuring that the intervention lasts as little as possible, that it achieves the best results and that the effects last. Some of these are the acceptance and commitment therapy and the short strategic therapy

Among the services offered at Psicotools, in addition to couples’ therapy, there are mediation services and child and youth psychotherapy, so that the children of a marriage in crisis can also be assisted psychologically. Of course, individual psychotherapy is also offered to adult patients.

It is interesting to know that Psicotools has a sexology service that can help to overcome sexual disorders . It is not necessary to have a partner to want to start solving this type of problem, as most of the time the treatment starts on an individual basis.

If you want to know more about this clinic you can find them in Avinguda de Vallcarca in Barcelona.

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2. BarnaPsico

Both because of the years of experience in the field of mental health and because of the training of its multidisciplinary team, BarnaPsico is one of the best centres of psychology in the Catalan capital when it comes to looking for couple’s therapy clinics in Barcelona.

Bearing in mind that all people are unique and different, and that precisely for this reason each sentimental relationship has its own characteristics and needs, BarnaPsico offers a totally individualized treatment.

In this way, this organization offers its patients tools with which to overcome couple difficulties such as adaptation problems, compatibility problems, lack of communication, frustrated expectations and different approaches to conflict resolution. They also offer the possibility of sexual therapy.

The BarnaPsico team is made up of Santiago Luque, María Elena Maestre, Matías Miguel López, Encarna Galindo and Neus Ramírez. It is interesting to know that this psychology center also offers services in perinatal psychology, child psychology, therapy for adults with emotional disorders and coaching and emotional assistance services for people who are facing challenges in their lives and want to have extra psychological support.

This clinic can be found on Carrer Montnegre in Barcelona.

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3. Origin Psychology and Psychiatry

Origen has the largest chain of mental health clinics in Spain and yet they continue to grow thanks to the variety of services and the high quality of their team, made up of professionals from all areas of psychotherapy.

In Clinicas Origen we focus on the search for the reasons why a couple can become worn out; whether it is jealousy , sexual disorders, lack of communication , damaged confidence or low self-esteem, the multidisciplinary team of this clinic helps to combat these problems and difficulties that can lead to your partner breaking up. And not only that, but the members of this team give tools to make the mutual trust be reinforced, even if there have been episodes of infidelity (stopped before starting the therapy).

Thanks to the fact that this clinic also has experts in sexology, you can also find therapy for sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, vaginismus or sexual apathy .

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4. Business Psychoconsulting

The Psychological Assistance Centre Psicoconsulting Empresarial offers a wide range of psychotherapy services to individual patients as well as to couples and families. It is directed by psychologist Ester Fernández, who has more than 10 years of experience in helping to resolve problems such as marital crises, constant arguments, lack of confidence due to infidelity, conflicts over the distribution of responsibilities, etc.

On the other hand, if in certain cases it is necessary to reinforce the couple’s therapy with individual therapy, this professional can help with emotional disorders such as low self-esteem, anxiety problems, work stress, anger regulation, etc.

  • Its address is Carrer d’Alfarràs nº 17, Barcelona.
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5. Orbium

Orbium is an entity specialized in psychological assistance services for emotional problems and impulse control with offices in both Barcelona and Madrid.

In their centre in the Catalan capital, located in the Eixample district, they have expert psychologists in couples’ therapy who can work with cases of jealousy, constant arguments, marriage crises due to infidelity, disagreements with the distribution of domestic tasks, etc.

  • You’ll find their facilities at 109 Avinguda de Roma.

6. Laura Migale Psychology

The psychologist Laura Migale , whose practice is located in the district of l’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, has extensive experience in couples therapy and psychological assistance for patients with emotional problems and interpersonal conflicts.

From a psychodynamic perspective, it offers help in the face of phenomena such as crises due to infidelity, lack of communication, boredom in the couple, jealousy, constant arguments, etc.

In addition, this psychologist can assist both adults and adolescents in addressing mood and anxiety management issues, and speaks Spanish, Catalan and Italian.

  • Laura Migale’s practice is located at Carrer Mallorca nº 198.
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7. Patricia Maguet Couple’s Therapy

The Patricia Maguet psychology centre is another of the most recommended options in terms of couples’ therapy in Barcelona. This professional is a psychologist specializing in clinical psychology and professional assistance to couples in crisis. Both she and her team of collaborating psychologists can help people who suffer from problems of jealousy, boredom with their love life, lack of communication with their partner, constant arguments, etc.

  • You’ll find his psychology center at Carrer de Montmany.

8. Dendros Centre de Psicologia

In the Carrer Diputació, in the district of La Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, you will find Dendros Centre de Psicologia , where couples’ therapy and sexual therapy are among the main specialities of its team of psychologists.

Here it is possible to find a therapeutic context in which to reorient the relationship towards a type of interaction that strengthens the affective bond instead of damaging it, and that improves communication and complicity in the intimate.