The Rios Rosas neighborhood and the Chamberí area have a wide range of psychological care services.

In this article we will see which are the best expert psychologists in anxiety in Ríos Rosas in order to inform all those neighbours of the area who may need the services of these health professionals.

Top Anxiety Psychologists in Rios Rosas

This is a list of the best psychotherapists who are experts in anxiety in the Rios Rosas neighborhood, Madrid. In each case there is a brief description of their background and services.

1. Santiago Cid Paz

Santiago Cid Paz is one of the best expert psychologists in the treatment of anxiety in the neighborhood of Rios Rosas. This professional has a degree in psychology from the University of Salamanca, a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a degree in EMDR Level I from the Spanish EMDR Association.

Besides all that, Santiago Cid is the Director of the Santiago Cid Center of Psychology, an entity based on cognitive-behavioral therapy , one of the most scientifically supported.

His practice addresses all types of anxiety related disorders, an area in which he specializes, and also treats common disorders ranging from depression, low self-esteem and anger regulation problems to bereavement.

If you are interested in receiving psychological attention from this professional, you can find the Santiago Cid Psychology Center at 108 Santa Engracia Street.

  • Their contact details are available by clicking here.

2. Andrés Quinteros Turinetto

With more than 20 years of experience, Andrés Quinteros is also one of the best psychologists in Ríos Rosas for the treatment of anxiety, besides being the Director of the Centro Psicológico Cepsim.

Andrés Quinteros has a degree in Psychology from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina), and among his postgraduate qualifications is a Master’s degree in Clinical, Legal and Forensic Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has specialized in the treatment of Borderline Personality and Trauma Disorder and the sequels of events marked by violence and bullying: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, complex trauma, dissociations, depression, and low self-esteem among other disorders.

  • If you are interested in receiving professional support from this psychologist, you will find the Centro Psicológico Cepsim de Ríos Rosas at 10 Cristóbal Bordiú Street.

3. Esther Legorgeu

Esther Legorgeu is a clinical psychologist specializing in adults and adolescents and an expert in neuropsychology. With regard to her experience and training, we can point out that she has been practicing psychological therapy for 20 years and that she has directed the clinical psychology department of the Instituto de Orientación Psicológica for five years, an institution of reference in psychology throughout the country.

Thus, in addition to having extensive experience in training and teaching, having taught courses in psychology in the field of children and young people, is an expert in the treatment of all types of mood and conduct disorders .

  • If you are interested in Esther Legorgeu’s psychological care services, you can find her office at Calle Reina Victoria, number 8.

4. Itziar Flowers

The psychologist Itziar Flores has a degree in Psychology from the University of Seville and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a qualification as an Expert in Alzheimer’s and other dementias from the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid.

This professional is an expert in child and youth therapy, so she can be of help in cases of ADHD, dyslexia and other learning problems, enuresis and encopresis, childhood phobias, etc. In addition, it addresses disorders in adults such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, among many other problems.

  • You can find his office at 126 Santa Engracia Street.

5. Sandra Santirso

Sandra Santirso is a Clinical Psychologist with PIR certification , Director of Centro de Psicología Ponzano and one of the best expert psychologists in anxiety in Ríos Rosas. Below we summarize her professional career.

Among her qualifications are the Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Couple’s Therapy (COP Madrid), and the EUROPSY Certification of European Psychologist Specialist in Psychotherapy, among others. In addition, she has 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and psychological support, working from cognitive therapy and EMDR therapy.

Therefore, anyone interested in receiving psychological treatment from Sandra Santirso will be able to address issues such as depression and anxiety, substance addiction, hypochondria, emotional dependence, sexual dysfunction, insomnia and any other disorder that we may present.

  • You will find the Ponzano Psychology Center at 89 Ponzano Street.

6. Alejandra Chacón

Alejandra Chacón is a licensed psychologist specializing in clinical psychology. During her professional career she has combined research, training and practice of psychology at both public and private levels.

This professional is part of the team of psychologists at the Centro de Psicología Ponzano, and her specialties include the treatment of anxiety, depression, obsessions, low self-esteem, addictions and any other disorder that the patient presents.

7. Marisa Baura Ortega

Marisa Baura Ortega is a psychologist specializing in systemic family therapy , although she also offers psychological assistance to adult patients through individual therapy, based on personal trust, reflection and a space of comfort and safety.

This professional deals with all kinds of problems, among which we highlight the lack of communication in the family, anxiety, conflict resolution, time management in family life and stress derived from raising children, among others.

  • You can find his psychology center at 126 Santa Engracia Street.

8. María León Villar

The following professional is a licensed psychologist and a specialist in person-centered therapy. A large number of seminars and courses given, as well as a long experience in the private practice of therapy make María León Villar one of the best expert psychologists in anxiety in Ríos Rosas.

In terms of the types of therapy offered by Maria Leon we can distinguish individual psychotherapy, the use of clinical hypnosis, group therapy and couple therapy. All of them are carried out with the primary aim of establishing a climate of trust and security for the patient.

Finally, the most frequent disorders and problems treated in therapeutic exercise are anxiety, depression, hypochondria, phobias, insomnia and others that affect the regulation of emotions and the state of activation.

  • You will find María León Villar’s office at Calle Alonso Cano, nº 63 in Madrid.
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