Depression is a set of mental disorders that severely affect mood. That is why, when the first symptoms that alert of its presence appear, it is important to go to qualified health professionals to explore and treat the problem.

In the following lines we will see a selection of psychologists who are experts in depression in Pamplona who can help any patient with this mood disorder. The capital of Navarre has a lot to offer in this area of psychological intervention.

The best expert psychologists on depression in Pamplona

These are psychotherapy professionals who are experts in treating cases of depression and who work in Pamplona. In each of them you will find a brief description of their career and their specialities.

1. Javier Elcarte López

Javier Elcarte is a psychotherapist, neuropsychologist and Director of the Vitaliza psychology centre , located in Irunlarrea Street and which today has a great team of mental health specialists. He has been working in the field of psychotherapy since the 90s, so his experience allows him to treat many types of patients with guarantees.

This professional is an expert in depression, EMDR therapy, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback , so he has many tools to treat the imprint of negative emotions and anxiety that certain experiences can leave imprinted on our nervous system.

Both the training and the extensive experience of this psychologist can be especially useful for those seeking psychological assistance for problems such as psychological trauma, depression from past experiences, dysthymia, anxiety crises, etc. He also offers the service of couple’s therapy.

To learn more about Javier Elcarte and his team, click on this link.

2. Miriam Aristu

Miriam Aristu is a General Sanitary Psychologist , and attends to her practice in Calle Alfonso el Batallador, Pamplona.

This professional works on the basis of cognitive-behavioral therapy, whose objective is to intervene both in people’s thinking styles and in their behavior patterns, contributing to a more adequate way of life capable of generating well-being and happiness, far from pessimistic biases.

As a psychotherapist, Miriam Aristu can treat problems such as depression and other mood disorders, grief for loss of loved ones, obsessions, anxiety disorders, and many more.

3. Renata Pavón

Renata Pavón has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, and is an expert in Psychopathology and Psychodiagnosis from APHICE and the Ibero-American Association of Legal Psychology in Spain.

This professional performs psychotherapy from an eclectic approach that focuses on the need to adapt to the specific characteristics and needs of each individual. She specializes in victims of abuse, sexual assault and violent attacks in general. You can find her in her office in Calle de Iturrama.

4. Arianne Irisarri

Arianne Irisarri is a psychologist graduated from the University of Salamanca.

It is located in the Centro de Psicología Abril, on Avenida Pio XII, and is another of the most recommended options for those who are looking for the best expert psychologists on depression in Pamplona and who work with Brief Psychotherapy .

Beyond the treatment of depression, it can care for adult or adolescent patients and provide professional help for psychological phenomena such as grief, relationship problems, stress crises, eating disorders, addictions, and more.

5. María López Foncillas

In Calle Monasterio de Fitero works another psychologist recommended to attend psychotherapy against depression in Pamplona: María López Foncillas .

This psychotherapist works from the humanist approach , which gives great importance to subjective sensations and to our emotional side as human beings. She is also the founder of the Indargi psychology centre.

6. Itziar López Beorlegui

Itziar López Beorlegui is a General Health Psychologist with a degree from the University of Deusto; she also has a Master’s Degree in Family and Systemic Couple’s Therapy from the Pontifical University of Comillas, among other post-graduate training programmes.

In her office on Calle Ramón Aguinaga, this professional offers psychotherapy to adults and adolescents, and attends to individual patients, families and couples.

In the intervention on anxiety disorders, Itziar López starts from the paradigm of Humanist Psychology to create a therapeutic space in which to express oneself without fear of prejudice or shame.

7. Cristina Larráyoz Pérez

Cristina Larráyoz Pérez has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychopathology and Health and Research Sufficiency from the Public University of Navarra.

It is part of the psychotherapy center CL Psychology , located in Paulino Caballero Street, and specializes in cases of addictions and mood disorders. It also carries out workshops and courses for individuals and training programs for professionals.

8. Marta Beranuy Fargues

Marta Beranuy Fargues attends to her practice in Calle Castillo de Maya; she has a degree in Psychology from the Universitat Ramon Llull and is an expert in Cognitive-Social Psychotherapy, an area in which she holds a Master’s degree.

This psychologist specializes in anxiety disorders and the treatment of different types of depression.