Málaga is a well-known city located in the south of Spain and belonging to the autonomous community of Andalusia. As the provincial capital, this municipality has more than 570,000 inhabitants and is the sixth most populated city in Spain, as well as being the largest coastal city located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

The city of Malaga is also part of the Costa del Sol, an area that extends over 160 km and includes a metropolitan area with 12 municipalities. This coastal area has approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants in the census of the different municipalities. The high concentration of population in this area makes it the fifth largest metropolitan area in Spain.

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The 8 best Mental Health clinics in Malaga

In Málaga there is a wide range of mental health centres, but… Which is the most recommended? In the following article you will find the best psychological centers in this provincial capital.

1. PsychoAbreu

PsicoAbreu is the leading mental health centre in the city of Málaga. This psychology office has been developing an excellent service in several Spanish cities for more than 24 years thanks to the extensive experience and professionalism of its team in the treatment of mental health related disorders.

This renowned psychological centre has done an excellent job in innovation linked to mental health, which has allowed many of its patients to improve their quality of life after the corresponding treatments.

The psychologists of PsicoAbreu can be found working in the centres of PsicoAbreu Antequera and PsicoAbreu Ronda. In addition, their new headquarters are located in Malaga, in the Jorge Luis Borges Avenue. This new location has become the largest psychology centre in Andalusia.

Due to the long professional experience of this psychology office, this centre has positioned itself as a reference in the psychological treatment in the city of Malaga, counting on the best professionals, a wide experience in the field of psychology and the vocation to offer a better quality of life and well-being to its patients.

  • His centre can be found at Calle San Lorenzo 2, Málaga.
  • You can contact the PsicoAbreu clinic comfortably through its professional profile.

2. El Seranil

In the city of Benajarafe (Málaga), opposite the Mediterranean Sea, is located the Clinic El Seranil . This psychological centre has a staff specialised in the treatment of psychological problems and offers an adequate environment for the rest and recovery of its patients.

This psychiatric hospital combines the best medical care with the tranquility of the environment where it is located, offering the patient the greatest security and preparing patients to live a normal life at the time of discharge.

In this center you will find professionals qualified to treat mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, addictions, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and altered behavior in adolescents, among others.

  • Its center is located in Benajarafe, Malaga.

3. Saint Francis of Assisi Hospital

The Saint Francis of Assisi Hospital is a psychological centre whose main objective is to assist patients with mental problems, seeking the best treatment to offer the patient stability, autonomy and a better quality of life so that social and family reintegration is quick and effective.

The center is located in the Lagarillo Blanco urbanization, in the Malaga neighborhood of ”El Palo”. This space has large gardens, perfect for generating a natural environment and tranquility for patients. The capacity of the centre is 150 patients. The main specialties of this center are focused on the treatment of diseases such as intellectual disability, addictive disorders and psychogeriatrics, among others.

  • The centre is located in the San Francisco de Asís Psychiatric Hospital, Málaga.

4. St. John of God (Mental Health)

In San Juan de Dios there is an area specialized in mental health that has four modules integrated within the same hospital, and another external module that has a capacity of more than 100 patients.

The admission module is designed to care for people who enter into crisis because of a new episode or a chronic disorder and require a short admission. On the other hand, the short stay module attends to those patients who have passed the first phase of admission and are under observation for a few days until they are in optimum condition to be discharged.

The high dependency module is designed to attend to the admission of people with long term pathologies that require a high level of supervision by our specialized staff. Finally, the rehabilitation module attends to people with long evolutionary psychopathologies but who keep enough basic skills, requiring less supervision.

  • The centre is located in Camino de Casabermeja, no. 126 29014. Malaga.

5. Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital

The Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria has a Clinical Management Unit focused on mental health. The mission of this unit is to develop a care activity that allows the treatment of the mental illnesses of its patients, while rehabilitating and integrating into daily life those patients who are overcoming their problems.

The aim of the University Hospital is to improve the health of people with mental illnesses, with the intention that the well-being of the patients will allow them to improve the quality of life of their families and their closest circle, promoting social inclusion for people with this type of illness.

  • The centre is located in the Teatinos Campus, Malaga.

6. UGC Mental Health of the Regional Hospital of Malaga

The Regional Hospital of Málaga has a Clinical Management Unit dedicated to mental health. The psychotherapeutic services offered by the hospital are based on clinical psychology as a speciality for the provision of care to patients.

This center is specialized in the treatment of severe mental disorder, eating disorders, and especially anxiety and depression disorders. These types of treatments are the most common in this Hospital.

This center specializes in psychotherapeutic evaluation, group psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral group therapy for patients with panic and agoraphobia.

  • The centre is located in Avenida Carlos Haya, Malaga.

7. Valpe Psychologists

Valpe Psicólogos is a centre that brings together a group of experts in psychology who form a multidisciplinary team. These experts aim to offer psychological therapies to improve the quality of life of their patients.

The goal of psychotherapy is for people to improve their mental problems so that they can regain control of their lives, normalize their relationships with their partners and families, and feel understood by those around them. To this end, we seek to help people learn to know themselves so that they can face their daily routine successfully.

The most commonly treated health problems are anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), couples therapy and family therapy, among others such as child psychology.

  • The centre is located in Calle Don Cristian, Malaga.

8. Psychopedagogical Cabinet IRIS

The Gabinete Psicopedagógico IRIS is located in Malaga city and its team of professional experts in the field of child and adolescent psychology and are specialized in behavioral disorders, language and learning difficulties. This centre has a multidisciplinary team of speech therapists, psychologists and pedagogues with extensive experience in the treatment of this type of disorder.

At IRIS, they understand that for the correct psychological development of children it is very important to carry out psycho-pedagogical interventions that allow the patient to overcome those problems of a mental nature in order to lead an easier life. The most important areas of specialization of this centre are child and youth psychology, pedagogy, speech therapy and support for learning difficulties.

  • This center is located in Calle Peso de la Harina, Malaga.