The neurofeedback technique is one of the most avant-garde and increasingly applied in a wide variety of centers. It is based on measuring the electrical activity of neurons, locating those abnormal patterns associated with psychological problems, and helping to modify them.

The capital of Spain has an interesting range of centres that offer this innovative treatment in a professional manner. Thus, in this article you will find the best centers specialized in neurofeedback located in Madrid .

The 8 best neurofeedback centers in Madrid

Consult this selection of specialists in the best neurofeedback centres in Madrid if you need psychological assistance based on these techniques.

1. IPSIA Psychology Center

IPSIA Psychology Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies) is one of the best neurofeedback centers in Madrid if you live in the Center. In addition to classic psychological therapy for adults, adolescents and children, the professionals at this centre are specialized in the application of recently developed methods and technologies, among which neurofeedback stands out.

This technique is a neurotherapy based on the stabilization of brain activity through its visualization by neuroimaging methods , with the aim of improving a series of problems or disorders that the patient may present. It has been proven that constant training in the modification of this brain activity can have a positive impact on various aspects of a person’s life.

Some of the problems or disorders that can be treated by the neurofeedback technique are anxiety, migraines and headaches of all kinds, sleep disorders, epilepsy, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, addictions and chronic pain.

  • The Ipsia center in Madrid is located at Gran Vía number 59.
  • For more information about the center, click here.

2. Neurovitalia Madrid

The center Neurovitalia Madrid specializes in applying the innovative technique of neurofeedback with EEG to all those patients who wish to improve some aspect of their lives or have problems that generate anxiety or discomfort.

In addition to applying this technique, Neurovitalia also offers specialized treatment in cognitive neuroscience, general clinical psychology, coaching and sexology.

The main benefits of neurofeedback techniques at Neurovitalia Madrid centre are noted in anxiety disorders, migraines, headache, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, sleep disorders and epilepsy.

  • You can find the Neurovitalia Madrid center at Calle Serrano number 61.

3. NeuroMentae

The professionals at the NeuroMentae clinic, under the supervision of the director of the centre, Marina de Santiago, apply the neurofeedback technique to treat all types of disorders in the person. The treatment is always applied together with multidisciplinary psychologists to obtain the best final result in the therapy.

Some of the techniques and services that the center works with are EMDR therapy, Mindfulness and family psychological therapy, among others.

The main disorders addressed by the neurofeedback treatment applied by the NeuroMentae centre are, among others: anxiety, insomnia, symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress, aggressiveness and irritability.

  • This therapy center is located at 32 O’Donnell Street.

4. Centro Vaca-Orgaz

The Centro Vaca-Orgaz offers psychological care to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Among its treatment specialties we can highlight psychological therapy, attention and cognitive stimulation in elderly people, as well as having a team of experts in the use of neurofeedback.

The main disorders addressed by the professionals at the Vaca-Orgaz centre using the neurofeedback technique are anxiety disorders such as phobias, addictions and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • The Vaca-Orgaz Psychological Center is located at 53 José Rizal Street.

5. Biofeedback Spain

Biofeedback Spain offers a specialised neurofeedback and biofeedback service to professionally address various types of patient health disorders, normally related to psychological and physiological activity.

Among the many applications of neurofeedback, the main modalities of this therapy performed by the specialists of this center are related to the treatment of addiction disorders, attention disorder with or without hyperactivity, epilepsy, low sports performance, sexual dysfunctions and deficits in social skills.

  • This specialized center can be found at Paseo de la Castellana number 131.

6. Psychoverites

Psicoveritas is a psychology centre with a team of professionals specialised mainly in problems in childhood and in the family environment, and above all in attending to problems related to the adoption of children. In this context, they use neurofeedback to address phenomena such as trauma and anxiety disorders due to abuse, developmental disorders, etc. They also perform family mediation and couples therapy services.

  • You can find this therapy center at 97 San Bernardo Street, Madrid.

7. Neurored

The professionals of the Neurored centre are specialised in biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques. In their centre they offer their services of psychological care and techniques of cognitive improvement and training to anyone who needs them, whether for specific causes or for general discomfort, life crises or diffuse problems.

  • The Neurored centre is located at Calle Marqués de Hoyos number 1.

8. Synopsis

The psychological center Sinupsis offers its patients a specialized treatment in neurofeedback to improve those cognitive areas that the patient wishes, and also to treat very specific disorders of causes linked to anxiety, stress…

Among the problems treated by the professionals at the Sinupsis centre, anxiety disorders, stress, depression, fears, relationship problems, self-control problems and apathy stand out.