We often fail to appreciate the difficulties of people with disabilities in receiving quality psychological support to meet their therapy needs.

Societies continue to owe a debt to those citizens who have communication problems such as the blind, the deaf or hearing impaired of all kinds. To address this problem, in this article we will see a list of the best psychologists for deaf people in Spain , with several recommendations.

The 8 best psychologists for deaf people in Spain

If you are interested in psychological treatment for deaf people in Spain this list can be very useful. Here you will find the best professionals in the field of psychology, as well as their training, background, type of therapy and location.

1. Rubén Monreal

If there is a therapist who should be recognized as one of the best psychologists for deaf people in Spain, that is Rubén Monreal , a professional with great experience in various fields of psychological treatment and also in therapeutic communication for people with hearing deficits. We will now highlight the main characteristics of our first psychologist.

Rubén Monreal is an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Rational Emotional Therapy, Compassion and Mindfulness Therapy, but also in sports psychology, coaching, business counselling and Spanish Sign Language, making him an excellent choice for psychotherapy for deaf people. Regarding the therapy offered by Rubén Monreal we can emphasize that besides being done in person, it is also done online.

The psychological treatment offered by this professional puts the patient at the centre of the therapy, working essentially with the here and now of the person , so it is essentially based on the cognitive behavioural current, and is aimed at adolescents, adults and elderly people, as well as couples.

In addition, among the disorders in which Rubén Monreal specializes we can highlight: chronic diseases, anxiety and depression, self-esteem problems, family conflicts and training in coping skills in general.

The fact that Ruben Sanchez is fluent in sign language is a differential fact for any deaf or hearing impaired person who requires psychological attention. Psychological therapy for deaf people is carried out both individually and in groups and also online throughout Spain.

  • If you are interested in this therapist you can find his office at number 1 of the central plaza of Callao in Madrid.
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2. Helena Hernández Sánchez

Another therapist that we must take into account is Helena Hernández Sánchez , clinical psychologist from Murcia specialized in the treatment of adults and adolescents, and also an expert in Spanish sign language, so it is one of the best options for all those patients who are deaf or hearing impaired.

The fact that Helena Hernandez can communicate in sign language without intermediaries facilitates and speeds up psychological therapy for both deaf and hearing impaired people. In addition to knowing how to communicate she is aware of what is known as the culture of the deaf community, so communication is even more effective.

This professional is part of the team of therapists at the Eladio Rosique Meseguer Clinic and some of the treatments she performs there are: the treatment of depression and anxiety, obsessive disorders, trauma, bipolar disorder, grief and psychosomatic disorders.

  • You will find the office of Helena Hernández Sánchez in the Plaza dentistas murcianos number 15 in Murcia.

3. Silvia Benito Moreno

Silvia Benito Moreno is a clinical psychologist specializing in emotional education and therapy for deaf and hearing impaired people, as well as a counselor, teacher and trainer. Apart from being a professional researcher, her therapeutic treatment is focused on the patient as well as on his or her family environment and is given both privately and in groups.

With an experience of more than 15 years in the knowledge of sign language, and about 10 years in the participation in organizations and associations within the deaf community, Silvia Benito Moreno is one of the best options for those who want to receive psychological care for deaf people in Spain, not only for her years of experience but for her extensive multidisciplinary training.

  • As for the psychological treatment that this professional carries out, we can indicate that it is oriented to children with deafness and hearing deficiencies as well as to adolescents and adults. Finally, we would like to point out that during the therapy, she evaluates different theoretical approaches but the treatment is generally developed on the basis of the cognitive-behavioral current.

4. Virginia Pereira

Virginia Pereira is the next professional on our list of psychologists. This clinical psychotherapist specialized in sign language has been working as a clinical psychologist all her career taking into account the great difficulty that the deaf community in Spain has to receive psychological treatment.

Virginia Pereira’s specializations include therapy for children, adolescents and adults, as well as group, family and online therapy. This therapy is carried out taking into account especially the particularities of the patient and also different theoretical areas of psychological approach, but giving more preponderance to the cognitive-behavioral current and also to the systemic therapy.

That is why Virginia Pereira is one of the best psychologists for deaf people in Spain, so if you are a resident of the Caceres area do not hesitate to consult her services.

  • You will find Virginia Pereira’s office at Calle Virgen del Pilar number 8 in Cáceres.

5. Gema Fernández Osorio

We could not continue our selection of therapists without mentioning here Gema Fernández Osorio , psychologist from Madrid, specialist in psychotherapy for deaf people, and has levels I, II and III in the specialty of Spanish sign language.

Gema Fernández Osorio is also, without a doubt, one of the best psychologists specialized in the treatment of deaf people in Spain. Her experience of 10 years working in the sector, both in private centers, as well as in volunteer work and teaching, are the best guarantee to choose her services if you live in the city of Madrid.

  • You will find Gema Fernández Osorio’s office at 30 Sagasta Street in Madrid.

6. Iris González Martínez

Another great professional to include in this selection is Iris González Martínez , a clinical psychologist with great training in the field of therapy and a specialist in sign language. Summarizing her academic formation we can emphasize two masters in general sanitary psychology, in early attention and in family mediation as well as a superior cycle of interpretation of the Spanish Sign Language.

Iris González Martínez is one of the workers at the prestigious therapeutic centre Codex Psicología, so she is also one of the best psychologists specialised in the treatment of deaf people in Spain.

  • You can find Iris Gonzalez’s office at Calle Urzaiz number 215 in Vigo, Galicia.

7. Lucia Pose

Another professional who offers psychological treatment in sign language is LucĂ­a Pose , a psychologist who has combined work in private and public practice throughout her career. She currently practices psychological treatment in Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona and is a specialist in Catalan Sign Language.

The psychological treatment offered by Lucia Pose is aimed at children and young people as well as adults, and the most commonly treated disorders are: eating disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship problems, addictions and sexual problems.

  • You will find Lucia Pose’s office at Paseo Montserrat number 26 in Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona.

8. Itaca Psychologists

The psychological centre Itaca Psychologists also offers psychological therapy in sign language for people who are deaf or have significant hearing deficits. The competent professionals at this psychological centre use Spanish Sign Language in their therapies in the treatment of disorders such as depression, grief, anxiety, stress, family difficulties and sleep disorders, among others.

  • If you are interested in the Itaca Psychologists centre you will find their office in A Coruña street.