Searching for psychologists in Barcelona is not always easy, as there are many options and those that might fit best with the ones we are looking for do not necessarily have to be the most visible. This time we will see a selection of the best psychologists in Gràcia , with a brief description of each option.

The best psychologists in Gràcia

This is a list of recommended psychotherapists in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Gràcia, which you can attend if you think you can make a positive change in your life.

1. Marisa Parcerisa

Marisa Parcerisa is a psychologist and Director of the Psychology Centre Psicotools, located in the upper part of the Gràcia district in Vallcarca. She is also a member of the Spanish EMDR Association and is able to offer psychotherapy to adults as well as children and adolescents in the most common psychological problems in all age groups.

An especially interesting option for those seeking help with anxiety disorder problems and eating disorders.

  • To know more about her and her team, you can click on this link.

2. Beti López Giráldez

Beti López is one of the most outstanding psychologists we can find in Gracia thanks to her complete training and years of experience helping people with emotional problems.

He took a degree in Psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela and has two master’s degrees, one in Psychodiagnosis and the other one in Gestalt Therapy. Thus, Beti López can help adults with problems of depression, anxiety and alcoholism that may even affect the family environment.

It is also worth mentioning that he has knowledge of Mindfulness and he applies this in his sessions with patients suffering from high stress.

  • If you want to know more about Beti Lopez you can find her in Maignon street, in Gracia.
  • Contact Beti comfortably through her professional profile.

3. Patricia Maguet

Patricia Maguet is a clinical psychologist specialized in couple’s therapy , and has her practice at 29 Montmany street, near Joanic stop. In addition to her degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she has a Master’s degree in Systemic Family Therapy from the School of Family Therapy at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (UAB), among other specializations.

Patricia is a very good option for those who are looking for psychologists in Gràcia to give answers to the problems that arise from couple’s crises, lack of communication and reinforcement of the love bond, and similar.

  • Your practice, as we have already mentioned, is located at 29 Montmany Street, near Joanic.
  • You can comfortably contact Patricia Maguet through her professional profile.

4. Cristina Torras

Cristina Torras is a psychologist who works in her office at Plaza Gala Placidia number 8. She offers both individual and couple psychotherapy, and is based on an eclectic approach that integrates cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and systemic perspectives.

This psychology professional has experience in managing emotions and personal relationships (including relationship crises), anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia and personal development needs.

5. Salvador Arxé Closa

This psychologist offers therapy in his office in Riera de Sant Miquel street, near Avinguda Via Augusta. From a cognitive-behavioral perspective,

Salvador Arxé uses his experience working for many years in the clinical and health field to help deal with various psychological problems both in individual patients and groups, regardless of their age .

6. Eva Baillès Lázaro

Eva Baillès Lázaro is another great option to go to therapy in the Gràcia district. This professional has a PhD in Psychology, and bases her work on the cognitive-behavioral approach, being accredited by the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT).

  • It is located at the Centre Avançat de Teràpia Cognitivo Conductual (CATCC), at 1 Gran de Gràcia Street.

7. Santiago Palet

Santiago Palet is a General Health Psychologist and is part of the Barcelona Institute of Clinical Psychology.

This professional has a Master’s degree in Psychogeriatrics from the University of Barcelona, a Master’s degree in Clinical Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology from the AEPCC, a Postgraduate degree in cognitive rehabilitation from the UB and a Postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychopathology also from the UB.

  • You will find the Institut De Barcelona De Psicologia Clínica at Carrer Balmes nº 209.

8. Susana Beltrán

Susana Beltrán is a psychologist and Director of the PSICOAT psychological assistance centre, located in the northern area of Gràcia. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of the Balearic Islands and a Master’s degree in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology from the UB. She has more than 25 years of experience working in psychological intervention on patients of all ages.

  • His psychotherapy center is in Travessera de Dalt nº 122.

How do you choose your therapists?

If, beyond a selection of psychologists who work in this Barcelona neighbourhood, you are interested in knowing several criteria to know how to choose the best psychotherapists for what you are looking for, you can take into account the selection criteria that appear in this other article: 10 tips to choose a good psychologist”.