Lorca is a well-known Spanish city located in the region of Murcia which represents the third most important city, behind Murcia and Cartagena. It has a population of more than 90,000 inhabitants distributed in the 1,675 square kilometers that the municipality has, which is the second largest in Spain.

This municipality is known for its extensive heritage, such as the famous castle, the baroque architecture that characterizes some of its buildings, and the processions and festivals of Holy Week, which have been declared a festival of international tourist interest.

The city of Lorca is also known as ”La ciudad de los cien escudos”, a name attributed by José Antonio Gallego, former mayor of this city. However, the real name was Eliocroca, which meant “City of the Sun”.

The 8 best psychologists and psychotherapists in Lorca

In the city of Lorca we can find a large number of psychologists specialized in different fields.

If you need psychological assistance but you are not sure which is the best professional you can go to, in the following article you will find the 8 most recommended Lorca psychologists.

1. Alejandro Ramirez Reffay

Alejandro Ramírez has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia. He also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Murcia, and another Master’s degree in General Health from the same organization.

This psychologist is a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as an expert in the treatment of disorders in children and adolescents and in psychotherapy for adults. Among the illnesses he has treated the most during his professional career are anxiety disorders, low self-esteem and phobias.

  • You can find Alejandro Ramirez’s office at Almirante Antonio Aguilar Street, 11 2A, Lorca.

2. Agustín Gallardo

Agustín Gallardo has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almería. This renowned professional is a specialist in the treatment of sexual and couple’s disorders, anxiety disorders and depression, and in psychotherapy for adults.

Throughout his career, this professional has treated disorders related to anxiety, low self-esteem and phobias, obtaining very good results in his patients.

  • To contact Agustín Gallardo, you can go to his psychology office, the Agustín Gallardo Clinic, located at 3 Floridablanca Street, Bajo, Lorca.

3. Emilia Ruiz Martínez

Emilia Ruiz has a degree in Psychology from the University of Murcia, as well as being a member of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de la Región de Murcia.

He is a specialist in clinical psychology and in the performance of couples’ therapies. In addition, throughout his career he has treated numerous cases related to addictions, anxiety disorder and depression.

  • To attend Emilia Ruiz’s consultation, you can go to 12 Joaquin Sorolla Street, Lorca.

4. Antonio Varón Molina

Antonio Varón has a degree in Psychology and stands out as a very experienced psychologist in coaching sessions, focused on both personal and professional improvement.

In addition, this mental health professional has treated numerous cases of stress and depression through acceptance and commitment therapies.

If you would like to make a psychological visit with Antonio Varón, his clinic is located on Antonio Pelegrin Medina Street, Lorca.

5. Sabina Sanchez

Sabina Sánchez has a degree in General Health Psychology and specializes in personal growth workshops for children, adults and adolescents.

During her time as a psychologist, she has specialized in the treatment of addictions to alcohol, tobacco or other substances, in addition to treating cases of pathological gambling.

  • To attend one of their consultations, you can go to Guillermo Oliver 6, Lorca.

6. Verónica Martínez Barnés

Verónica Martínez has a degree in Psychology and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and emotional release techniques.

Throughout his career as a professional, he stands out for having treated anxiety disorders, low self-esteem situations and phobias to many of his patients, with very good results.

  • If you would like to attend Veronica’s consultation, you can go to Avenida Juan Carlos I, Lorca.

7. Andrés Zamora Cánovas

Andrés Zamora is a renowned mental health professional, with a degree in psychology and a specialist in psychological intervention.

He is an expert in the treatment of disorders such as stress, alcohol, tobacco and other substance addictions, and has treated numerous cases of depression.

  • To contact Andres, you can attend his office located at Calle Francisco Escobar Barberan 32, Lorca.
  • You can also contact Andrés Zamora through his professional profile.

8. Rosa Belén Coronel Ruiz

Rosa Belén Coronel has a degree in Psychology and stands out for being a great connoisseur of the most effective methods for carrying out couples’ therapy.

Throughout his professional career he has treated a large number of patients affected by anxiety disorders, depression and self-esteem problems.

  • If you want a psychological consultation with Rosa Belén, you can visit her in Alameda de los Tristes s/n, Lorca.