As psychologists working in psychotherapy, before and after the psychotherapy sessions, the work continues: you have to know how to manage time, information and resources to offer the best possible service and not die trying.

Finding the balance between quality and efficiency in the use of the available means is fundamental for psychotherapy professionals. This is why patient management apps are becoming increasingly popular: simple interface programs that allow you to plan, organize, and immediately archive relevant information and create communication channels with those who come for consultation.

In this article we will see which are the best apps to manage patients , very useful for psychologists and clinical professionals in general.

What do these programs consist of?

Knowing how to manage patients properly is one of the basic tasks of the work of psychologists specializing in therapy .

It is not only important to have a presence in the market and offer a quality service during the sessions; beyond what is done to assist people psychologically and to achieve a good marketing strategy to attract customers, it is necessary to know how to be efficient. That is: manage time and resources to achieve objectives by investing the efforts that are fair and necessary. No more, no less.

On the one hand, being able to manage patient information, their schedules and their communication channels allows to save problems and avoid having to use complicated and tedious methods to know at all times which case is being attended to and which will be attended to in the next few hours or days. On the other hand, using apps to manage patients implies an improvement in the service provided (and even in therapeutic adherence), which is also a competitive advantage that must be taken advantage of.

Fortunately, today there are technological tools that provide intelligent solutions to complex problems, such as making schedules fit and maintaining a regular communication flow with customers. Patient management apps developed for healthcare professionals are an example of how quickly the digital world adapts to the specific needs of a particular professional group, and the result is appreciated.

The best apps for managing patients

These are very useful digital platforms for managing patients and boosting efficiency in the service provided.

1. PsicoReg

PsicoReg is a digital platform specially designed for psychologists , very useful for patient management.

If something characterizes this app it is its surprising versatility : it allows from the management of appointments and pending tasks, to the use of scales that can be sent in real time to the patients to record in the moment their emotional or cognitive state. It also has validated scales to collect information about patients, forums in which to discuss with other professionals, ask questions and access manuals and tutorials, and many other interesting features.

On the other hand, many of the functions of PsicoReg not only help to better plan and balance schedules in an agile way: they also facilitate therapeutic adherence and the effectiveness of the intervention .

For example, self-registration allows patients and psychologists to cooperate more effectively in following up on the psychological problems to be treated and their symptoms; the guidelines that the psychologist sends to patients help them know what to do and not feel lost when they are not in the office, and the task lists designed through negotiation between professionals and patients help the latter to be clear at all times what their goals are to achieve between sessions, and how much time there is to achieve those goals.

As we have seen, PsicoReg is not only one of the best apps for managing patients: it is also a tool used by professionals and users alike. Psychologists who use PsicoReg can offer their patients an extra way to be linked to therapy even on days when it is not time to go to the doctor’s office.

In addition, is a multi-device platform , so it can be used from smartphoes, tablets, and computers. Specifically, PsicoReg has two types of interface: one for psychologists, accessible from computers, and another used by patients. In both cases, its use is very simple and easy to understand at first, and it also works complying with security standards, guaranteeing confidentiality.

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2. ClepIO

Another of the most interesting patient management apps is ClepIO . This is an online platform that, unlike the previous one, is mainly oriented towards use by patients, so its scope of application is more restricted. Furthermore, it is designed without focusing on the world of psychotherapy, but rather covers everything that has to do with health in general.

Specifically, ClepIO allows patients to have access to information regarding their health problems (so that they do not remain in doubt), as well as to write down in a calendar experiences that may be important or significant for the professional who follows the evolution of a disorder.

3. Clingot

Clingot is also an app created for the management of patients in general , including but going beyond the scope of Clinical and Health Psychology.

This mobile application can be used from smartphones and computers, and offers the possibility of loading the patients’ clinical history and accessing it from the different devices you have at hand. It also allows you to make notes, so that you can create personalised information sheets tailored to each patient’s case.