Managing human talent in a company is vital . Psychology is the basis of any organization, and that is why one of the most important and often undervalued departments is Human Resources.

In turn, these departments need experts in psychology to be able to manage teams both individually and as a group.

Fortunately, in Madrid there are human resources experts capable of bringing out the best in our teams.

The best experts in Human Resources in Madrid

Next we will see some of the most recommended human resources experts in Madrid, coming from the world of psychology.

1. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos Lamoca

Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is one of the most interesting professionals of psychology that we find in the Spanish capital thanks to both his training and his long experience of more than 25 years.

After graduating from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1990, this psychologist continued to work to learn about all facets of social relations, and was trained as a senior technician in occupational hazards. Today, Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is well known for the training programs he promotes , many of which are based on the labor and business environment.

In addition, Miguel Ángel Rizaldos has a facet of scientific-psychological dissemination, as he collaborates as a clinical psychologist in the program “Mujeres Malditas” on Radio 5 RNE and other media. On the other hand, he offers consultation both in person and online.

2. Tomás Santa Cecilia

Tomás Santa Cecilia is a psychologist and consultant based on cognitive-behavioral psychology, aimed at investigating both the behavior of people and the mental processes that explain their habits and personality. She also directs the CECOPS psychology centre, located in Príncipe de Vergara Street.

As for his training, this professional has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a Master’s degree in Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Psychology from the Albor-Cohs Group and a postgraduate degree in Anxiety and Stress Treatment and Intervention from the Postgraduate School of Psychology and Psychiatry.

The services of Tomás Santa Cecilia include psychological assistance and psychological intervention for both patients and companies and work teams from Applied Behavioural Analysis and similar approaches.

  • To see more information about him and his services, click on this link.

3. Elisa Sánchez Lozano

This psychologist is another of the best options we find in Madrid if we are looking for an expert in Human Resources.

With more than 15 years of experience, Elisa Sánchez is an organizational psychologist who is able to help companies and groups to manage human talent in the best possible way. An expert in both personnel training and psychosocial risk management, this professional holds a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and a master’s degree in Anxiety and Stress Intervention.

In addition, she is a senior technician in Occupational Risk Prevention and currently teaches postgraduate courses in Human Resources and Mediation.

4. Carlos Rodríguez Méndez

Carlos Rodríguez is another of the most outstanding professionals in organizational psychology that we can find in Madrid, both for his experience and his training, and he specializes in work problems.

He bases his psychological treatments on the cognitive-behavioral paradigm, which aims to intervene both in thoughts and actions, and thanks to his international professional experience (he has visited more than 50 countries), he has a very defined vision of the importance of people, both as individuals and groups, in a company .

Carlos Rodriguez can be found in his office on Salustiano Olózaga Street, very close to Retiro.

5. Dr. Ana Ocaña

Ana Ocaña is another of the most recommended options we have if we are looking for a Human Resources expert in the city of Madrid.

He graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in 1997 and also in Market Research in 1999. Among Ana Ocaña’s specialities related to the world of work are giving therapy to people in situations of stress, cases of mobbing (harassment at work) and dissatisfaction at work.

In the corporate field, Ana Ocaña bases her way of working on coaching and on putting the focus on the most human and emotional aspects .

You can find her in her office near Avenida de Logroño.

6. María Mínguez Cuadrado

Maria Minguez can be found in her private practice on Manuel Ferrero Street. This professional in the field of organizational and business psychology graduated from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. She has two masters in her curriculum, one in Management, Planning and Management of Human Resources and another in General Health Psychology.

Among the mental disorders and psychological problems to which Maria Minguez gives therapy are the dependence on new technologies, job dissatisfaction, panic attacks, mobbing and anxiety disorders.

The importance of psychologists in a company

It is well known that Psychology is one of the most studied sciences and go to the psychologist today. Fortunately, psychotherapy is something totally standardized since we are all aware that. in addition to physical health, mental health is also there and must be cared for.

Even so, we must also be aware that the work environment must favour psychological well-being and the quality of relationships and communication flows . Even more than being an expense in favour of the worker for a company, it is an investment in production, since it has been more than proven that being happy in the workplace increases performance in it.

There are many ways to help achieve this improvement in the working climate. Find activities for employees to go through team building processes and not feel so much that duality of work and personal life, for example, or simply see how best your own interests and encouragement fit into a job.

This can be achieved by seeking to promote teamwork (a good expert will always know which people to bring together in the same team), even seeking out extra-curricular activities to stimulate professional activity, and transmitting clear information, making them feel more involved in the company’s objectives and even providing training is another way of doing this.

Each company has its own characteristics and needs , so these tips given above can be carried out in a way adapted to each one. Having a good expert in Human Resources from the world of psychology can be decisive when it comes to strengthening the success of a company.