For some decades now we have been witnessing how the world has been transformed and how profound social change has taken place. Due to the pace of Western societies, many people live on automatic pilot, without stopping to experience the present moment or being aware of either their own feelings or those around them. Furthermore, the culture in which we live immersed, encourages consumerism and materialism, distancing us from ourselves and making us into subjects rather than subjects.

Considering this, and knowing the discomfort (stress, anxiety, sadness) that our lifestyle can bring, it is not surprising that a practice like Mindfulness, which helps to live in the here and now and to treat oneself with compassion and develop the observant self, is having such success.

Psychology and Mindfulness

In Psychology, Mindfulness is applied as a therapeutic method with programs such as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, but it is more of a philosophy or state of mind that can be developed if we attend a workshop or course that allows us to know its bases and learn how to put it into practice.

In this article we will review the best training in Mindfulness in Spain, and we will know the best courses and masters that we can find in our country and that allow us to go into their practice.

What is this practice?

Mindfulness is a state of mind called in English Full Attention or Full Consciousness , in which we are fully aware of the present moment, without judging what is happening, simply accepting the experience as it is.

It is a philosophy that has its roots in Buddhism, and today it is also applied as a therapeutic tool because of its benefits for the emotional and physical well-being of people. In fact, scientific studies have shown that this millenary practice provides positive benefits in cases of recurrent depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic pain, insomnia and stress-related diseases.

But full care is not only applied in clinical and psychotherapeutic settings, but has also shown its effectiveness in education, work, sport and the judiciary .

The best Mindfulness training

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that used on a daily basis can significantly improve our quality of life . It is a way to educate us to live better, to empower us to face life, to stop living on automatic pilot, to start appreciating ourselves and what surrounds us and to manage our emotions correctly. With respect to emotional management, acceptance and self-pity are key aspects of this practice. This does not mean that we should be happy to feel negative emotions, but rather that we should acknowledge their existence. However painful reality may be, it is always better to accept it and face it than to run away from it.

Although generally Mindfulness is confused with meditation , two practices that are closely related because meditation is a technique that allows the development of full attention (however, not any meditation is valid to develop Full Consciousness, only attentional meditations), there are also other methods that allow the acquisition of a Mindfulness state. Thanks to mindfulness, we can perceive life more adaptively and interpret the world in a way that improves our quality of life and connects with ourselves in the midst of this busy world.

Taking into account the above, we can highlight several entities that stand out for offering quality minfulness training.

One of these is the Mindfulness Centre Madrid , a reference in terms of therapeutic intervention and training programmes in full care in the Spanish capital. Its team of experts, who in addition to training, also attend to people in the field of therapy, works above all on the design and implementation of Mindfulness courses to manage stress (and all the problems and discomforts derived from an excess of it). Furthermore, beyond working with adults, many of its initiatives are aimed at children and adolescents.

You can find the facilities of Centro Mindfulness Madrid at Calle Gran Vía nº 59. In addition, their contact details are available by clicking here.

Another of the best training programs in Mindfulness is offered by Psicotools , a psychology center located in Barcelona’s Gràcia district. This organization creates plans adapted to each case to give workshops in companies, educational centers and for individuals, focusing on the aspects of Full Care that most interest the client.

To see more information about the Mindfulness courses and workshops organized by Psicotools, access the contact details of the center by clicking here.

Choosing Mindfulness Training Programs

When choosing those Mindfulness training initiatives that we feel are most in line with our interests, a series of criteria must be taken into account to help us get an idea of their quality.

1. That it be based on both theory and practice

There are several Mindfulness courses offered in Spain, and many are ideal for learning to be aware of emotions and regular. Many courses are not only theoretical, but also practical so that you can use what you learn in your daily life. These are the best, because this discipline is fundamentally applied. The simple transmission of theoretical content does not make us learn to apply it .

2. That it not be based only on the tradition of meditation

Mindfulness starts with vipassana meditation, but is not limited to this area. It has been developed to give concrete results in concrete contexts . For this reason, it must be based on research applied to Mindfulness, and it is not only the will to continue millenary meditations.

3. Must teach the importance of context

The effectiveness of Mindfulness is largely based on our ability to perform it in appropriate contexts. That is why Mindfulness training must include lessons on how to take advantage of the environment to maximize our results.