Everything in our life is based on choices . Choices can come for many reasons, some of them are economic, for comfort, for desires or for feelings.

Whatever it is, it becomes an engine to move us forward, whether we are wrong or not. Sometimes we move along a path that is not the easiest or in the right direction or that we had not thought of at first, but despite the difficulties we always find a moment to ask ourselves: How did I get here? How did I end up in this job that I love so much? Who would have told me that I would end up with that person I had known for a long time?

The decisions that we are making are leading us to where we are now . However, what is really true and necessary is the move, the change, the evolution of position, as it happens in chess.

A universe of decisions

These choices range from small ones, such as what we are going to eat today or what we are going to wear, to more relevant choices such as what we would like to work on, what we want to occupy our time with on Sunday afternoons or who we want by our side. At a certain age there is a moment when you realize what it is that makes you happy and what you want to invest your energies in. As we know, and as many Spanish proverbs say, experiences have to be lived in the first person in order to learn them.

As we have been told so many times, throughout our lives we will experience hundreds of new things, pleasant and/or unpleasant but always instructive. Therefore, as sunsets are added to our vital calendar, we are acquiring knowledge that will be added to our experiential library.Our brain tends to remember positive experiences and to draw a veil over those memories or situations that have damaged us for some reason.

Stop and think for a moment about the people around you , if you are proud that they are part of your daily life, month by month or year by year. As Carlos Miguel Cortés says, forever is not a matter of time but of intensity. There are people who go through your life for a while and accompany you in thought all your life, whereas there are people you have in your day-to-day life who end up diluting themselves with the passage of time.

Therefore, you should think if the people you currently have in your life choose them to be there, if they enrich your experiences, if they bring you unforgettable moments, if they make you be in harmony or on the contrary if when you need them they revolutionize you and make your way of seeing things change for the better.

Choosing to grow as a person

At this point, we can say:

I choose you, to be in my life. I choose you every day deliberately and freely, without any strings attached. I choose you knowing that nothing is forever (or yes) and that someday you may not choose me. Simply knowing that you share your time with me because you care about me. I choose you because I feel that I want you to be part of my time and my experiences. I choose you because I think I can be a better person with this choice, with these companies that walk with me over time. That’s why I can tell you that the people in my life today are not part of chance, each of them is for some reason.

And you, do you choose consciously?