Beyond therapy focused on patients who come alone to have the help of the professional, there is the option of intervening on love relationships, not on individuals.

At present, there are frequent cases of couples who decide to go to therapy to solve their problems, conflicts or lack of communication, or to strengthen the emotional bonds in the same. To do this, knowing the best professionals specialized in couples therapy who attend in our environment can be very useful to choose the option that best fits what you are looking for.

Focusing on the province of Alicante, and in order to provide useful information on this type of specific therapy, in this article we will see the best couple’s therapy clinics in Torrevieja , with a summary description of each case.

The best couple’s therapy clinics in Torrevieja

If you live in the Torrevieja area and you are interested in attending couples therapy in a reliable and quality clinic that is located on that side of the Laguna Rosa, check out this selection of the best psychology centres that specialise in this type of service.

1. Instituto de la Pareja

Instituto de la Pareja is the ideal centre to go to for sex and couples therapy in Torrevieja. It is a reference in this type of service, not only because of the quality of the team of specialised professionals working there, but also because of the methodology they use and the good treatment they offer.

The treatment offered at the centre can be carried out both as a couple and, when necessary, as a family and also individually. In any case, not only is the relationship in the couple taken into account, but also the whole social and material context of the couple is evaluated in order to make, ultimately, an accurate diagnosis of the situation and an effective intervention.

Thus, in Instituto de pareja it is possible to find support in the face of sources of discomfort such as constant arguments, co-dependence, insecurities in sexual matters, conflicts in living together, and other problems that are wearing out love life.

By the way, this entity also organizes courses and workshops, and even a Master’s Degree in Couple’s Therapy and Sexology.

  • The Instituto de la Pareja is located at Calle Pascual Flores, number 2.
  • For more information about the Institute, you can click here.

2. Bonnet Psychologists

The centre Psychologues Bonnet specializes in the professional treatment of problems arising in couples, and has a track record of 15 years. Using the most advanced psychological techniques, this centre offers couples therapy in all types of cases, whether it is advice on marriage crises, separation therapy or on disorders that one of the members may have.

The main techniques used by the professionals at the Psychologues Bonnet centre to offer sex and couples therapy are humanistic psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and other useful tools for dealing with problems of managing emotions.

  • The Bonnet Psychology Centre is located at Calle Gabriel Miró, number 51.

3. Insight Psychology

The prestigious Clinica Insight is also one of the best couples therapy clinics in Torrevieja. It has been offering professional and personalised treatment for all kinds of affective and relational problems for 13 years. In addition to offering couples therapy, the centre provides professional support to patients of all ages.

Using the most advanced techniques in psychological intervention, Mindfulness and third generation therapies, the team of psychologists at the Insight Center can help with problems such as jealousy, infidelity crises, constant arguments, etc.

  • This psychological clinic is located in Calle Virgen de la Paloma, number 32.

4. Center Thirteen

The multidisciplinary team of the Centro Trece de Torrevieja is another recommended option for those seeking the best couples therapy clinics in Torrevieja. Located right in the centre of the city, it provides support to both married couples and couples who are going through bad (or improvable) times.

Some of the problems in which the Thirteen Center of Psychology specializes are crises of confidence in the couple, whether due to lack of communication and social skills, low self-esteem, lack of communication, sexual dysfunction, depression or problems arising from pregnancy.

  • The Thirteen Center is located at 88 Bazán Street.

5. Origin Clinic

The prestigious Clínica Origen in Torrevieja offers quality psychological care to couples who need to strengthen their relationship or change some aspect that needs to be improved or modified.

The clinic’s specialists have extensive training and experience in couples therapy and also in the treatment of sexual issues for all kinds of specific problems. The main sources of discomfort dealt with at the centre are emotional dependence, partner crises due to infidelity or jealousy and sexual dysfunctions.

  • Clínica Origen is located at Calle Ramón Gallud, number 85.

6. Institute of Psychological Specialities

The team of professionals at Instituto de Especialidades Psicológicas offers professional, methodical and efficient couple therapy; it is based on putting the couple, their opinions, feelings and circumstances at the centre of the intervention, to set the guidelines for treatment after an initial evaluation of those problems that need to be treated.

The main problems that are addressed at the Institute of Psychological Specialties are relationship problems between partners, low self-esteem and insecurities in life, co-dependency, and more.

  • The center is located in Partida de la Loma, s/n.

7. Clínica Vitalea Bienestar

In the Clínica Vitalea Bienestar you can find professional psychological treatment for patients of all ages and also specialized in couples therapy, whatever the reason for consultation. The clinic’s team of professionals, widely trained and with almost 15 years of experience, is capable of tackling any type of emotional or communicative problem that prevents the ideal development of the relationship.

Some of the disorders that are dealt with at Clínica Vitalea Bienestar in Torrevieja in the area of couples’ therapy are, among others, depression, lack of communication in the couple, stress and adaptation disorders.

  • You can find this psychological clinic at 21 Apollo Street.

8. Alia Psychologists

In the clinic Alia Psychologists also offers a professional treatment for patients of all ages and oriented to address any type of problem, also specialized in couples therapy.

The main problems that the professionals at the Alia centre can deal with are relationship conflicts in the couple or family, lack of social skills and separations.

  • The Alia Psicologos centre can be found at Calle Heraclio, number 4.

9. Marina Albaladejo Fosar Psychology

The Marina Albaladejo psychology centre is another option to take into account if you are in a couple’s relationship in crisis. This psychologist and sexologist can help you to resolve old conflicts that do not let the relationship move forward and that are expressed in the form of quarrels, insecurities in your sexual life, emotional stagnation, boredom when spending time together, etc.

  • His office is at 18 Apollo Street.

10. Psychohealth

Psikesalud , the therapy center of psychologist Cristina Soriano, is another recommended option for treating couples’ problems, although it is not located in Torrevieja city but a little further north, in Guardamar del Segura.

Here you can receive help from a professional trained in the principles and methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most effective in modifying habits for the better.

  • You will find it in Avenida País Valenciano number 119, Guardamar del Segura.