Online psychotherapy is increasingly presented as a useful and effective alternative designed for people who, due to lack of time or other limitations, cannot attend a consultation. With the advance of new technologies, it is even to be expected that the differences that separate it from the usual therapy, practiced with patient and therapist in the same room, become blurred.

Bearing this in mind, it is good to have mental health specialists who are strongly committed to this format of professional care in cases of consultation and psychotherapeutic intervention. In the following lines you will find a selection of online psychologists who offer their services through the Internet.

Recommended online psychologists

Below you can read information about several highly recommended online psychologists who offer remote therapy services over the Internet. You may also be interested in reading about the advantages of this type of therapy, for which you will find this article useful: “The 9 benefits of online psychological therapy”

1. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos

Based in Aranjuez (Madrid), Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is one of the pioneering clinical psychologists who offer their services over the Internet. He has more than 25 years of experience and has specialized in the online psychotherapy service, which can be accessed through his website

In addition to devoting himself to psychological intervention of a therapeutic nature both online and in person, he is also a trainer at various institutions, such as the European University of Madrid, and collaborates in organizational projects. On the other hand, has an interesting career as a disseminator ; he is a lecturer and collaborates regularly with different media.

  • To find out more about his background or contact him, you can find more information about this psychologist by clicking on this link.

2. Psonrisa

Psonríe is an online platform with which it is possible to have instant access to a complete team of psychologists who perform therapy at a distance without having to make an appointment.

These sessions are available in two formats to choose from: calls on the one hand, and messages on the other. In addition, in both cases the sessions are 20 minutes long, so that through Psonríe it is possible to have online psychological assistance at the moment and without problems of schedule or mobility.

To make use of the tool offered by Psonrie, all you have to do is download its application, fill out a simple profile in a couple of minutes, and choose the professional who will perform the online session.

  • If you are interested in learning more about this platform, visit the Psonrie website.

3. Nacho Coller

Nacho Coller is a psychologist who bases his work on third generation therapies and, specifically, he is a specialist in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and also has several masters related to psychological intervention, including a Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology.

As an online psychologist, knows how to use the resources this medium offers to optimise the effectiveness of the intervention , although he also offers face-to-face therapy.

  • Contact Nacho Coller comfortably through his professional page.

4. Andrés Quinteros Turinetto

Andrés Quinteros is a psychologist specialized in the clinical and health field who has more than two decades of experience treating patients. He is also the founder and Director of the Centro de Psicología Cepsim , an entity that has several offices distributed throughout the centre of Madrid, and has written several books dedicated to various facets of mental health.

On the other hand, Andrés Quinteros specializes in anxiety and trauma disorders, as well as in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, although he has experience in all kinds of common psychological problems, as well as in the treatment of cases of domestic violence.

  • By clicking here you will find his contact details and those of his Cepsim team.

5. José Miguel Martín Vázquez

The psychologist José Miguel Martín Vázquez has been a specialist in online therapy for more than a decade.

From its psychology center Todo es Mente, offers personalized psychological assistance adapted to the context of each patient based on an eclectic therapeutic approach, combining strategies and methods of different types of therapy according to the needs of the person.

This professional has a lot of experience intervening in problems such as low self-esteem, depressive mood, accumulated anxiety, conflicts within the couple, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or addictions.

  • To see their contact details, click here.

6. Alba Cabello Rodriguez

Alba Cabello is part of the team of the psychology center PsicoTools , located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia.

She has a degree in Psychology, is a General Health Psychologist and also has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Practice in Psychotherapy. She also specializes in emotion management and emotional intelligence.

  • In this link you will find his contact details and those of his team.

7. Sandra Aguirre Gallego

Psychologist Sandra Aguirre is a specialist in breaking the distance barrier and connecting with her patients, which has made her 36 years old a reference in online psychotherapy. This professional has a degree in Psychology (from UAM), Gestalt Therapist (from EMTG), Specialist in Gender Violence (from INUPSI) and expert in Systemic Family Therapy (from UCM).

His Gestalt training and his qualification as an expert in systemic family therapy, among others, prove his solvency when it comes to offering effective, quality therapy. She is a highly recommended psychologist with the seal and guarantee of Avance Psicologues , a team in which she is integrated.

  • If you are interested, you can book your appointment at Avance Psicologos, whose contact details you will find on this link.

8. Jesus Matos Larrinaga

Jesús Matos is a psychologist specializing in problems related to emotions, and Director of the Madrid-based psychology center En Equilibrio Mental. He has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the same institution, as well as a Master’s degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology from the European Foundation of Psychology.

In addition, this professional is also dedicated to dissemination, since his appearances in the media are frequent and he has written a book for all audiences focused on helping those who feel sad: Good morning, joy: how to overcome sadness and achieve emotional balance .

As an expert in emotional disorders, Jesús Matos has a lot of experience treating problems such as depression, dysthymia, low self-esteem, poor anger management, poor impulse regulation and OCD, and anxiety problems, among others.

  • You will find their contact details by clicking here.

9. IPSIA Psychology

The centre’s team of psychologists IPSIA Psychology is another recommendation to take into account when it comes to online psychotherapy.

The sessions take place via Skype, and are with professionals trained in the most advanced and effective therapeutic methods and resources for each type of problem to be treated.

  • To read more about this center, access this page.

10. Sandra Bernal

Sandra Bernal is a psychologist from the University of Valencia and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice from the Spanish Association of Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, in addition to other types of training linked to the area of mental health.

Also, as a curiosity, you can listen to her as a regular contributor to the program “Hoy por Hoy” on Cadena SER.

It is possible to count on his services as an online psychotherapist through his website, and there, see information about the different modalities of psychological care at a distance.

  • You can also see their contact details at this link.

11. Online Therapy Center

Online Therapy Center is an entity specialized in psychological assistance for patients through the Internet, and has more than 15 years of experience helping people with problems and needs related to their emotions, their way of thinking, their habits and their personal relationships.

This is a psychotherapy center directed by psychologist Ruth Fernández Matía, a professional who, in addition to attending to patients’ cases, disseminates information about mental health issues through the media.

On the other hand, Centro de Terapia Online offers treatment for problems such as marital crises, low self-esteem, poor anger regulation, accumulated anxiety, low mood, and many others.

  • Contact Ruth Fernández Matía through her professional page.

12. Sara Navarrete

Sara Navarrete , whose practice is located in the city of Valencia, attends to patients of all ages in 3 areas of psychological intervention: individual therapy, family therapy and couples therapy.

He does all this based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and third generation therapies , which is why he is able to help people to make their actions and thoughts better adapted to reality, from a more constructive attitude.

It can be a very useful aid when it comes to overcoming problems such as marital crises due to lack of communication or infidelity, anxiety disorders resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle, poor regulation of emotions, mood disorders, etc.

  • If you would like to see their contact details, click here.

13. Karemi Rodríguez Batista

Karemi Rodríguez Batista has a degree in Psychology from the UNED and among other postgraduate qualifications has a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology from the Universidad Europea de Madrid, as well as various postgraduate courses in psychological therapy.

On the other hand, Karemi is a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, of the section of Clinical and Health Psychology of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, and of the Division of Clinical and Health Psychology in the Official College of Psychologists of Spain.

This psychotherapy professional performs both online and face-to-face therapy in Madrid (Calle Juan del Risco) and, uses an eclectic approach that combines the strengths of different psychological paradigms to treat mental disorders and relational problems. In this way, it adapts to the needs of each patient, taking into account the context in which they live.

His specialization in the health field has led him to gain a lot of experience treating cases of disorders such as depressive symptoms, anxiety, couple’s conflicts, grief and other common problems .

  • To see their contact details, click here.

14. Fernando Callejo

The Center of Psychology and Coaching UPAD, directed by Fernando Callejo, is one of the most prestigious centers of psychotherapy and coaching in Spain.

Its services include face-to-face therapy, coaching sessions, training for psychologists in areas such as sports psychology and, of course, online therapy. To make an online consultation with UPAD, you only need to download the program Skype and have a good internet connection.

  • If you wish to contact Fernando Callejo, you can do so through this link.

15. Lucía Serrano

Lucía Serrano is a psychologist with more than 11 years of experience attending patients with a wide variety of emotional, relational and behavioural problems. Working from a holistic orientation that integrates different paradigms, she helps in cases such as stress, emotional codependency and relationships in crisis, depression, chronic pain, self-esteem problems, family conflicts, anxiety disorders, and others.

In addition, Lucía Serrano is the author of the book Guía Mobbing: cómo superar el acoso psicológico en el trabajo , a work with guidelines to know what to do in case you suffer from this kind of attacks in the work context.

  • To see their contact details, click here.

16. Sara Laso

As a General Health Psychologist, Sara Laso Lozano offers psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance for the most varied behavioural and emotional problems: low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress disorders, pathological grief, ADHD, and many more.

In addition, he provides therapy for individual patients, couples and families, in the face of possible crises due to divorce or separation, or constant conflicts in daily life due to dysfunctional cohabitation.

  • You will find more information about it by clicking here.