Halloween is a festival of pagan origin, which is celebrated on October 31, and in which it is traditional to dress up. The origin of its celebration is the end of the crops in Ireland to start the “Celtic New Year”. It was thought that on this day the dead spirits walked among the living.

Halloween Phrases for Everyone

In this article you can find a collection of the best Halloween phrases .

1. Come in costume to my Halloween party this October 31st, I want to say hello. Atte; Freddy Krueger

This phrase can be used to send on a postcard or as a WhatsApp message.

No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering

A quote from the protagonist of Hellraiser, the British horror film.

3. Tonight I’m going to be your witch! For you I’m going to do magic!

A phrase a woman can say to her partner. Especially suitable for intimate moments.

Happy Halloween! Remember: Don’t waste too much time on the mask… just a hairstyle and you’re ready!

A Halloween line with a touch of humor.

5. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth

A phrase that appears in the film “The Dawn of the Dead.

6. I heard you’re having a Halloween party in honor of the witches… …do we have to bring you a present?

Halloween represents fear, terror. But with phrases like this, you can also use humor.

7. My love, tonight I would like you to be a devil…so that you can enter my hell

Another date that can be used in intimate moments with the couple.

8. I would give anything if only the portrait grew old, while I remained young. And yes, my soul too

In the film “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, this phrase appears and can be used on Halloween.

9. We all go a little crazy sometimes… Didn’t that happen to you?

From the movie Psycho, in reference to how we can sometimes lose our heads.

10. You are my favorite horror character

This sentence can be said when the couple is disguised as a horror character .

11. I’m very happy that you are a lover of the dead… you make me feel alive

If the couple is disguised as the undead, that’s an ideal phrase.

12. Give me a moment, I must disguise myself. You look so perfect. Happy Halloween!

A phrase with humor, which means that the couple already seems to be disguised as a monster.

13. Halloween is the festival of monsters… so, it’s your night: enjoy!

A hint to the other person, meaning he has a monster image.

14. You have me in love to the bone

To tell the couple when you dress up as a corpse.

15. Horror movies don’t create killers. They just make them more creative

From the movie Scream, one of the most famous scary movies.

16. Happy Halloween to the one who stole my heart (literally)

A romantic date that can be used on Halloween.

17. One moment… I’m getting ready for the party. Not everyone is lucky enough to always be ready like you. Happy Halloween!

Another compliment you can give your partner on this scary day.

18. There are witches of all kinds, good, bad, ugly, fat, but you… you’re my angel. Happy Halloween!

There are many compliments that can be said on Halloween . This sentence is an example.

19. He’s gonna be a nerd for Halloween. Oh, by the way, can I borrow your clothes?

This phrase can be used to tell a friend that he is a nerd.

20. Knowing we’re going to die changes everything. You feel things differently and you smell things differently. However, people do not appreciate the value of their lives. They still drink a glass of water, but they don’t taste it

This phrase was pronounced in the film Saw II.

21. Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead

From the feature film “The Others”. Life can be very hard sometimes.

22. Dear, light of my life. You didn’t let me finish the sentence, I said I’m not going to hurt you… I’m just going to hit your head until I get your brain out

A Halloween phrase mentioned in “The Shining”

23. I’m afraid to close my eyes. I am afraid to open them

A quote from the “Blair Witch Project”

24. If they all died, who buried them?

Phrase from “The Exorcist: The Beginning”. A very gloomy reflection .

25. Happy Halloween to my little monster. I love you!

A very original way of congratulating a child on Halloween.

26. I want to have your anger

A very passionate insinuation. Ideal for the occasion.

27. Bite me and make me yours forever

A phrase that fits perfectly when the couple is disguised as a vampire.

28. Let us go together to infinity on your broomstick

This phrase, on the other hand, is ideal when the couple is disguised as a witch.

29. Happy Halloween! Will you come with me on my broom, my love?

This phrase can be said when you are the person who is disguised as a witch.

30. They say I’ve shed innocent blood. What good is blood if not to be shed?

Phrase extracted from the “Candyman: the domain of the mind”.

31. Let all the spells of love and happiness work tonight

Halloween is also a special time for the superstitious .

32. You think you’re such a witch… come and show it!

A way to tempt your partner into a romantic evening.

33. I love your guts – ideal to accompany a picture or drawing of a zombie.

A Halloween line with humor, especially ideal for when you dress up as a zombie.

34. I want to be your little monster, you want to be mine?

A monstrous but romantic date.

35. Happy Halloween! The terror of my stories comes from the dense darkness of my heart

A Halloween greeting you can say to anyone.