One of the best known alternative techniques in the psychological field is undoubtedly NLP . Thanks to this, NLP is one of the methods that is easiest to learn due to its wide range of training in numerous centres that we can find throughout Spain.

It is for this reason that in this article we will review some of the Masters that we can find in Neurolinguistic Programming, although it is also necessary to know that some of these courses have the requirement of having first been trained in the NLP practitioner course.

The best centres offering the Master’s Degree in NLP techniques

Next we will see a review of the best Master’s courses that we can find in NLP .

It is also worth mentioning that some of these Masters are also focused on motivational coaching, so it encompasses much more than clinical and psychological therapy for people suffering from emotional or cognitive disorders.

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1. Master practitioner in NLP (D’Arte Human & Business School)

The Master Practitioner in NLP of the School of Art is one of the best we can find if we want to learn about this kind of techniques to control emotional and acting mental patterns.

This is aimed at all students who have completed the practitioner course and want to learn how to apply NLP from a professional point of view or want to make an impact on the lives of others. It is taught by Frank Pucelik and Enrique Jurado. The former has almost 50 years of experience applying NLP and also focuses on people with depressive disorders or on the verge of suicide.

In this master we work with concepts such as the foundations of the original NLP (known as GOAL), the modeling techniques, the work with hypnosis and Milton Erickson, the metaphors of the subconscious and the applications and patterns of the NLP.

  • If you want more information about this master’s degree, you can find it at the headquarters of D’Arte Human and Business School in Albasanz Street, in the centre of Madrid.
  • Contact D’Arte through this link.

2. Master with NLP (NLP Barcelona)

This master is a course of 90 hours attendance and to access it is necessary to have first trained at the level of practitioner in NLP. It is also worth mentioning that this course is endorsed by the Spanish Association of Neurolinguistic Programming .

In this course we will deepen our knowledge of neurolinguistic programming and discover strategies to optimize and modify behaviors. In addition, this course will deal with concepts such as Ericksonian language, 6-step reframing, states of full attention, neurological levels and the transpersonal or holistic level. It is important to know that this course is taught by Eulalia Robert, José Manuel Rodríguez, Antoni Lacueva Robert Long, all experts in neurolinguistic programming techniques.

  • If you would like more information about this course, you can write to them using the form on their website or go directly to their headquarters located on Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes, near Plaza Universidad, in Barcelona.

3. Master in Coaching with NLP (Instituto Gestalt)

This master is another one of the most recommended that we can find with NLP and has a closed price of 2750 euros.

This master’s degree is taught by Vicens Oliver, Xavier Florensa and Antonio Ruiz and deals with subjects such as the methodologies and practices of current and classic NLP (known as GOAL), the updating of unconscious competencies, the competencies and ethical codes of a coaching professional, the expansion of communication and change skills and values such as openness, humility, knowledge, respect and acceptance. This master’s degree is aimed at anyone who wants to train as a coach and wants to continue to deepen their knowledge of NLP.

  • If you want more information about this Master of Coaching and NLP you can get it by writing to his contact mail or going to his head office in Verdi street, in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

4. Master in NLP (Anna Flores Institute of Coaching and NLP)

The Anna Flores Center for Coaching and NLP offers another of the best courses in these techniques that we can find in Spain and it focuses on acquiring and consolidating the knowledge already acquired in the Practitioner Course in Neurolinguistic Programming, which is necessary to take this Master’s Degree.

This master is aimed at coaches, psychologists, therapists or human resources teams who want to acquire their knowledge in this type of techniques or want to work also from the Ericksonian hypnosis. It is interesting to know that any student who has enrolled in this master can repeat the practitioner course for free.

  • The price of this master’s degree has different rates and ranges from 1400 to 1600 euros, depending on the applicant’s employment status and specific conditions.

5. Master in Mastery of NLP and Coaching Techniques (IEPNL)

The master’s degree in NLP techniques and coaching from the Spanish Institute of NLP is another of the most recommended that we can find in this centre and it focuses on increasing full attention, on doing advanced coaching, on empowering creativity in order to help patients and on eliminating stress and anxiety.

It is interesting to note that this master’s degree has a price of 1700 euros (although it is possible to apply for scholarships and special discounts) and that it is held in June in Madrid and in August in Barcelona. It is also necessary to emphasize that once the Master has been completed, there are two certifications, the first one as a practitioner in NLP and the second one as a professional coach.

  • If you want to know more about this course you can find it in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, as well as in some cities in Latin America.