Cártama is one of the towns and villages that we can find in the Andalusian province of Malaga.

This population has more than 25 thousand inhabitants and, in spite of not being a very big place, in Cártama we can find quality psychologists and psychotherapists with whom to give treatment to the different types of ailments and psychological problems that can be complicating the dynamics of our day to day.

It is for this reason that we will now review the best centres and private offices in Cártama.

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The best psychologists offering therapy in Cártama and surroundings

Next we will see a list with the most recommended psychotherapists in Cártama and in the towns and villages closest to it, since these populations also have first level professionals and may be specialized in the type of problems for which we are looking for solutions.

1. José Juan Agüera Aguëra

At the Lacibis Polyclinic we can find one of the best psychologists in the village of Cártama.

José Juan Agüera graduated in 1989 with a degree in Philosophy and Letters with a specialty in Psychology, and has several specialties, including sociology and social anthropology, social pedagogy and educational theory from the National University of Distance Education.

Professionally, this psychologist has been part of the incorporation unit of the Cervantes barracks in Granada and has also played a role as tutor of self-help groups in the Association of Rehabilitated Alcoholics of Coín (ARCO).

For this reason, José Juan Agüera is one of the best professionals we can find if we need therapy for addictive disorders, whether they are soft or hard drugs. Another advantage that this psychologist offers is that he can go to where his patients are if they are unable to go to therapy because of their inability to move or because of their schedules. Other problems that José Juan Agüera can treat are anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and sexual disorders that can create crisis situations in relationships and marriages.

  • You can find the private practice of this psychologist in the Procolamar building, which is located next to the notary’s office, on Avenida Andalucía de Cártama.

2. Yinet Gómez Hermida

Another of the best mental health professionals we can find in Estación de Cártama is Yinet Gómez Hermida .

After graduating with a degree in clinical psychology, this psychologist specialized in obsessive-compulsive disorder and offers therapy to all ages, whether they are children and adolescents or adults and seniors.

In her sessions, she likes to create an atmosphere of empathy, reciprocal listening, and understanding of the problems that can cause any kind of suffering, and with the human mind being one of her greatest passions, Yinet Gómez always tries to adapt to the characteristics and needs of her patients.

Among other specialties of this psychologist, we can highlight the therapy for people who are emotionally dependent on their partners and women who are suffering from anxiety disorders during the pregnancy phase. It is also worth mentioning that this psychologist can offer emotional assistance to children who find themselves in traumatic situations due to sexual harassment or parental abuse.

  • Ginés Gómez’s office is located in Avenida Andalucía, in Cártama, although it is necessary to know that he also offers therapy in Fuengirola, Mijas-Costa and Málaga.

3. Maria Correa Guerra

Dr. María Correa Guerra is in charge of the psychology department for the Guadalhorce clinic, which is one of the most recommended ones we can find in Cártama.

He graduated in clinical psychology in 2013 from the University of Malaga and his curriculum also includes a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology from the same institution, thus ensuring that the therapy he offers is of the highest quality.

In addition to being a health psychologist at the Guadalhorce clinic, this mental health professional also offers individual therapy in her private office and at the Vithas clinic. Among her specialties are behavioral disorders, problems that may occur in the child and youth field such as attention deficit disorder, autism disorder and learning disorders.

It is also worth mentioning that Maria Correa is an excellent couples’ therapist and can help those relationships that are in moments of disagreement or on the verge of breaking up due to infidelity, problems with third parties (usually family members) or sexual disorders.

  • This psychologist has her private office on Calle Huesca in Cártama.

4. Marta González García

Marta González García is a psychologist based in Alora, which is a town near Cártama.

This psychologist has a degree in Clinical Psychology and she likes to use cognitive behavioural therapy in her sessions, which is one of the most recommendable that we can find thanks to its great scientific support.

This psychologist can treat children, adults and seniors and her specialties include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, senile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type in seniors and autism spectrum disorders. It also provides emotional support to older people who are lonely and experiencing cognitive impairment.

It is necessary to know that Marta Gonzalez also offers couples therapy for relationships that encounter problems due to an inability to manage emotions or communicate in a non-aggressive way.

  • Marta García’s private office is located in Erillas Street, in the town of Alora.

5. Celedonia García García

In a village near Cártama, in Alhaurín de la Torre, we can find a first class psychologist with whom we can find a solution to our emotional disorders.

Celedonia García graduated in Psychology from the University of Málaga in 1997 and is an expert in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy and gestalt therapy. From this type of paradigm, Celedonia García offers help to children and adolescents who suffer from anxiety disorder or have low self-esteem and this affects them when they are in relationships at school or high school, as well as helping them with learning disorders such as dyslexia.

  • Celedonia García’s private practice is located in Alhaurín de la Torre, on the Avenida de los Reyes Católicos.