Psychologists have a lot to say, so it is natural that they use all the resources offered by the Internet to disseminate ideas and interested knowledge related to behavioral science.

Below we will see examples of psychologists with highly recommended YouTube channels from which they teach psychology-related content, whether in the field of psychotherapy or in any of the other subjects studied by this scientific discipline: education, perception, cognitive processes, etc.

Psychologists on YouTube: the most recommended

This is a selection of psychologists with YouTube channels from which they broadcast interesting content related to all the thematic areas of psychology: personal relationships, personality, intelligence and cognitive abilities, management of emotions, etc.

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1. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos Lamoca

Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is a psychologist specializing in clinical psychology who has been offering therapy to patients for over 25 years. He is also one of the pioneers of online psychology in Spain (although he also gives psychological assistance in Madrid and Aranjuez); but his taste for the digital world does not stop there, as he also uses the Internet to spread his knowledge.

On his YouTube channel, Miguel Ángel Rizaldos publishes videos with simple explanations and practical advice on topics of general interest that affect us in our daily lives: managing break-ups, personality traits, regulating emotions, the importance of self-esteem in children, etc. You will also find in it the audios or videos of his interventions in radio or television programs, and his presentations in various events and university class sessions.

2. PsychoVlog

PsicoVlog is the YouTube channel of psychologist Alvaro Trujillo. In this space you will find a great variety of content, since it deals fairly equally with topics belonging to practically all branches of psychology: the behavior of psychopaths, the relationship between altruism and selfishness, the psychological effects of social networks, the functions of the brain, etc.

Moreover, in several of the videos available on this channel there is not only informative content, but also an invitation to reflection and debate and even criticism of cultural products such as series or even concepts such as self-help.

3. Sara Navarrete

On the channel of psychologist Sara Navarrete, a professional who offers therapy in Valencia, there are useful videos based on advice for everyday life and overcoming everyday problems . The format she uses could not be simpler: she looks at the camera and almost in conversation with those who watch her videos, while talking about personal and emotional relationships, fears and phobias, strategies to improve self-esteem, etc.

Thus, Sara Navarrete’s channel is an especially interesting option for those seeking information and advice related to psychology from a close and clear language.

4. BB Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is a constantly developing discipline that often does not receive much attention. Fortunately, on the Internet there are recommended channels of dissemination that go into this area of research and intervention in sportsmen and women, and this is one of them: BB Sports Psychology .

It is a channel managed by a large team of sports psychologists who teach the psychological foundations of preparation for maximum performance and maximum potential at all times.

5. Waldenian

If you are a person who is interested in popular science videos with good content and material for reflection, you will probably like this YouTube channel on psychology and you will use it regularly to ask questions. Here the focus is not so much on giving practical advice, but rather on clearly explaining complex concepts belonging to the field of psychology research … and offering bibliographical references at the end, something very useful for continuing to learn.

Moreover, if you are interested in philosophy, you will surely find here videos to keep in your Favorites folder, because here you will also find reflections on the philosophical concepts from which the science of behavior starts.

6. Antroporama

In this YouTube channel , Madrid-based psychologist Patri Tezanos creates popular science videos that focus on the relationship between psychology and neuroscience (although she also talks about other branches of psychology). Thus, it is a perfect channel for lovers of neuropsychology.

Thus, in Antroporama, illustrative animations are combined with clear and rigorous explanations about the functioning of the human brain and everything that surrounds it: the nature of consciousness, the relationship between hormones and sexual orientation, our way of perceiving and assessing people’s attractiveness, etc.

7. PsicoDav

A channel in which a healthy balance is preserved between videos with advice and videos that offer summaries of theory and concepts typical of the psychology career: what is functionalism, how the history of psychology and psychoanalysis developed, what is behaviourism, etc. Very useful for curious minds or students of the career who appreciate help with certain subjects.