Antequera is a well-known Andalusian municipality located in the province of Malaga whose name comes from the Roman, where it was called ”Anticaria”. At present, it has a population of over 40,000 inhabitants and stands out for being the municipality with the largest surface area in the province of Malaga, with 740 square kilometres.

Due to its importance in the region, it is normal that in this municipality it is possible to find many specialized service businesses. In the field of psychological assistance, for example, there are several professionals specialised in the treatment of anxiety that you should take into account if you live in or around Antequera and suffer the effects of this psychological phenomenon when it accumulates too much.

Treatment of anxiety in Antequera: the best therapists

If you are looking for the best psychologists specialized in treating anxiety and you live in or around Antequera, you are in the right place. Throughout this article you will be able to find the most recommended psychotherapists to treat anxiety and located in this municipality.

1. Angela Córdoba Peña

Ángela Córdoba has a degree in Psychology and a great knowledge of the best treatments for people affected by anxiety, especially in those cases where patients are adolescents and children. She is part of PsicoAbreu Psychologists, one of the most important teams of professionals in psychotherapy in the province of Malaga and with a presence both in the capital and in other municipalities in the area.

This psychologist stands out for having treated numerous cases of anxiety, stress and depression, as well as problems related to high self-esteem, aggressiveness and mood disorders, areas in which she is a specialist.

  • You can attend his office at Calle Mesones 16, 1st floor, Antequera.
  • To see the contact details of PsicoAbreu Psychologists in Antequera, click here.

2. Rosa María Valle Montero

Rosa María Valle has a degree in Psychology and is a great connoisseur of the best treatments for psychological disorders such as anxiety and sexual and couple’s disorders.

This mental health professional has extensive experience treating patients with anxiety disorders caused by work and family settings, and conducting therapy focused on managing alcohol, tobacco and other drug addictions.

  • Rosa María’s office is located in Plaza Fernández Viagas. Block 7 local 9, Antequera.

3. Esperanza Sánchez Conejo

Esperanza Sánchez has a degree in Psychology and stands out for being specialized in clinical psychology, psychoeducation focused on adolescents and children, and also in psychotherapy for adults.

This professional has treated anxiety related disorders, personality disorders and bipolarity, as well as various types of addictions.

  • Esperanza Sánchez’s office can be found at Calle Lucena 11, Antequera.

4. Cristina Díaz Reina

Cristina Díaz has a degree in Psychology and stands out as an expert in the application of EMDR therapies, as well as carrying out couples therapy and sexology consultations. The tools she uses in her sessions are based on cognitive-behavioral psychology.

This psychologist has treated many patients affected by different types of phobias, personality disorders, panic attacks and anxiety, always looking for the most effective therapies to improve the patients’ condition.

  • The office is located in Plaza San Francisco 9, Antequera.

5. Rocío Espinosa Campos

Rocío Espinosa has a degree in Clinical Psychology and specializes in cognitive behavioral psychology, a tool through which she bases her treatments and therapies.

She is an expert in the treatment of disorders related to sexual dysfunction, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem and social isolation, as well as eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

  • The office is at 11 Lucena Street, Antequera.

6. Aurora López

Aurora López has a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the AEPCCC. She is also an expert in couples therapy by IEPA and stands out for being a great specialist in the treatment of disorders related to anxiety, depression and couple problems.

This psychologist has a long experience treating patients affected by stress, depression and anxiety, and has also treated people with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

  • Your practice is located at Calle Carreteros n. 14, Antequera.

7. Irene González Barba

Irene González is a professional in the field of mental health who has a degree in psychology and is an expert in cognitive stimulation, carrying out therapeutic strategies for communication and social skills.

This psychologist stands out for being a great expert in psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults, as well as for providing guidance in raising children and carrying out therapy in situations of death of loved ones.

  • The office is located at 10 Infante Don Fernando Street, Antequera.

8. María Auxiliadora Domínguez Jaramillo

María Auxiliadora Domínguez has a degree in Psychology and a great knowledge of child psychology. She has a long experience carrying out treatments for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents, as well as performing psychotherapy for young patients.

He is a specialist in treating anxiety related disorders, conduct disorders, enuresis and other disorders of a psychological nature.

  • His office is in the Intermediate round, corner of Pio XII, Antequera.