In the city of Malaga we can find a wide range of psychology centres specialised in treating phobias. Since these disorders are based on very varied fears and of a complex nature, we must recognize the best professionals in their treatment.

In this article we will make a brief review of the best psychology clinics for the treatment of phobias in Málaga , whatever type they are.

Treatment of phobias in Malaga: The 10 best options

Consult this selection of expert phobia psychology centres in the city of Malaga if you need to find professional help for this type of anxiety disorder.

1. Psychologists Málaga PsicoAbreu

The psychology office Psychologists Malaga PsicoAbreu is one of the most prestigious in the province and one of the best options for psychological treatment for phobias in the city of Malaga. With a professional career of 25 years in the practice of psychological therapy, the team of psychologists at this centre are experts in dealing with anxiety disorders, among which we find phobias.

Among the phobic disorders that the centre treats, we can highlight, in the first place, specific phobias, that is, those caused by specific situations, objects or beings (phobia of spiders, heights, closed places, snakes, blood, injections, etc.) and agoraphobia.

In addition to the specific ones, the PsychoAbreu Centre also works with many cases of social phobia , that is, anxiety generated by all kinds of social situations.

  • You can find the Psychological Cabinet Psicoabreu in the Alameda Principal, number 51 in Malaga.
  • You will find more information about the center by clicking here.

2. Originating clinics

ClĂ­nicas Origen is a psychological care centre that has consultations in many Spanish cities. In the two locations in Malaga we can find qualified professionals who can treat any psychological problem.

The phobias treated by the therapists at ClĂ­nica Origen are specific phobias, social phobias in all their aspects and phobias associated with pain.

  • You will find ClĂ­nicas Origen at Avenida de AndalucĂ­a number 11 and also at Paseo Reding, number 7 in Málaga.

3. Juan Miguel Enamorado MacĂ­as

Juan Miguel Enamorado MacĂ­as is a general health psychologist specializing in therapy for children, youth, adults and couples. He is also an expert in virtual training environments and new technologies applied to education, in family mediation and in mobbing or occupational disorder, as well as in anxiety problems.

  • Your office is located at 5 Boulevard Louis Pasteur.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

4. Psychologist Desirée Urbano Psychology

This centre is run by the psychologist Desirée Urbano , an expert in clinical child neuropsychology and eating disorders. The centre offers psychological care to both children and adults and also treats a variety of fears and phobias, which are detailed below.

Among the most commonly discussed fears are excessive fear of death, loneliness, and injury or illness. Regarding the most common phobias, we highlight: situational phobias (such as phobias about travelling in public transport, airplanes, elevators or social phobias), animal phobias, environmental phobias (related to natural phenomena) and phobias related to painful situations or to blood.

  • You will find DesirĂ©e Urbano’s office at 14 Jorge Luis Borges Avenue.

5. Ortega Málaga Psychology Office

With more than 18 years of experience, the professionals at Gabinete Ortega in Malaga specialize in therapeutic assistance for any disorder in children, adolescents and adults, either in person or online.

The treatments in which its professionals have more experience are phobias and all kinds of fears that can appear in these crucial stages of personal development; social phobia and also obsessions and rumination that generate anxiety and stress.

In the field of therapy in adults, in addition to phobias, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions, addictions and obsessions, lack of social skills, stress and problems related to eating behavior are addressed.

  • You will find the Cabinet Ortega Málaga in the street Capitán Marcos GarcĂ­a number 6.

6. Alegra Center

The Alegr psychology centre has four highly qualified psychologists who are experts in various fields of psychology. The most widely used psychological approach at the centre is the cognitive-behavioural one.

The disorders commonly addressed by this team are phobias of all kinds, depression, obsessive disorders, work-related stress, anxiety and eating disorders.

  • The Alegra Psychology Centre is located at Calle DemĂłstenes, number 5 in Málaga.

7. Psychohuma

Another center that we should consider for the treatment of phobias is the center Psychohuma . In it, a team of competent professionals base their therapy on empathy, active listening and the construction of a climate of safety and trust with the patient.

  • The Psicohuma center can be found at 13 San Nicolás Street.

8. Levy Psychology Center

The Levy Psychology Center is also a good option for psychological treatment for phobias. Located in the heart of Malaga, it specializes in therapy for any age range, both in sessions with individual patients and in sessions with couples.

The consultation can be oriented to treat some psychological disorder or simply to solve problems that can appear in our daily life linked to personal relationships.

  • You can find the Levy Psychology Center at 3 Don Cristian Street.

9. Consultation 21

The psychological centre Consultation 21 offers specialised and personalised psychological attention to anyone living in the Malaga area who needs to receive treatment for phobias or any other anxiety or emotional disorder.

The center has a large number of experienced professionals in the integral treatment, since they master different branches of psychology and very diverse therapies. The psychological treatment is given to adults, young people, children and families.

  • 10 Mencia Calderon Street in Malaga.

10. Tuteticontigo

The psychology centre Tuteticontigo offers psychology and speech therapy treatment in the city of Málaga. The two psychologists who make up the professional team of the center are specialized in psychological assistance for children, youth and adults.

Among the disorders treated at the Tuteticontigo center we can highlight anxiety and depression, phobias (especially social phobia), obsessions, eating disorders and bullying problems.

  • You will find the centre in Avenida MarĂ­a Victoria Atencia in Málaga.