Finding that person who makes us happy as a couple can be an experience that allows us to have a full life . In fact, looking for and finding a partner is one of the objectives that many of us have, because having a romantic life with someone we consider incredible, changes our life.

The world of interpersonal relationships, and especially that of the couple, is especially complex since it is not easy that, in addition to attraction, we find in that person the variables that allow the relationship to be maintained over time: capacity for dialogue, respect, tolerance, etc. Sometimes being in love is not enough to have a successful life as a couple, and conflicts can appear to the point of deteriorating that nice initial feeling.

When our partner ignores us

Sometimes, the couple can change their initial behavior. If at first he gave his all for us, he may even ignore us. Have you ever had that feeling?

This unpleasant feeling can cause many problems for the person who feels rejected because he or she may believe that the fault is his or her own or that the partner has stopped loving him or her. Sometimes it can be a communication problem that needs to be solved, so it is always good to talk about things.

To prevent things from getting worse, you can take a series of actions that will let you know why your boyfriend is ignoring you and what you should do to fix it . In the following lines we present some advice that you should use when your partner ignores you.

1. Analyze your behavior

Relationships are complex, and at some point in the relationship, your boyfriend or girlfriend may feel hurt by your behavior. This doesn’t have to be the reason, but it can be. While it’s good to talk things through, sometimes we can get to the point where we get sick of someone’s behavior after several warnings. Be realistic, and if you really had something to do with it, you’d better be self-critical and acknowledge your mistakes .

2. Put yourself in their shoes

Continuing with the previous point, it is good to try to understand your partner’s behavior. Maybe the reason for his estrangement is your behavior, or maybe he’s not doing well at work and isn’t having the best time. While she should be counting on you for these things, she may not be having the best time. Try to see it from his perspective. But don’t get obsessed .

3. Communicate

The two points above can help you understand the context and find a way to talk to your partner. However, when you think that what is happening doesn’t make sense or that what is happening is affecting you, it is better to be clear and to talk about things to your face . If the person you are with loves you, they will tell you what is happening to them. Communication is the best way to avoid unnecessary conflicts, because when you pull at each other, the relationship can deteriorate and the dating relationship can get worse.

4. Avoid mind games

When we choose an option other than communication, we can try to play mind games with the other person or adapt our behaviour to get their attention . For example, wanting to make our partner jealous. Although this may seem like a good alternative, in the long run it can damage trust and the smooth running of the relationship. It is certainly not the best option to bring positions closer together. and regain mutual trust.

5. Focus on yourself and put the obsession aside

It can also happen that, when trying to find out what goes on in a person’s mind, we become obsessed and stop being ourselves. This can make us sad, something that can hijack our attention and negatively change our behavior. This is why it is important to focus on oneself, because when we are ignored, our self-esteem can suffer . If we fight for our own personal development and find inner peace, it is easier to be less affected by how we are treated and what others say about us.

6. Ask for respect

If you have done your part to change things but the other person keeps ignoring you, you should not let him disrespect you or get away with it . By demanding respect, the other person knows what the limit is and what you tolerate. Without a doubt, communication is key in this regard. But if after talking to that person you don’t see results, perhaps you should start to seriously consider the path the relationship is taking.

7. Make a decision

If at this point the person continues to act this way, something may actually happen or there may be a serious reason for the person to act this way. If you talk to him or her and he or she is defensive or tells you that he or she will change but doesn’t, he or she may be playing games with you or, at worst, may have become disillusioned with the relationship. It could also be that there is actually a third person. If you suspect this, you might want to take a look at our article “8 Keys to Knowing if Your Partner is Cheating and Cheating on You”. If this situation persists over time, you should make a decision. Maybe leaving is the good option .